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Welcome to the National Scoliosis Foundation’s Community Center!

Here you will find everything you need to keep connected with people from around the world who are affected in some way by abnormal spinal curvatures.

In this community center you have an opportunity to give and receive vital information and support. Please understand that while we may have common unity in the characteristics of our spinal deformity, our individual situation and experiences are unique. With this in mind, we highly encourage open communication for all in an environment that shows courtesy and respect for, and by, everyone.

In order to ensure an appropriate environment, NSF will utilize moderators in each major segment. Our moderators are volunteers who are generously giving their time to serve others by facilitating the free exchange of useful information, and occasionally sharing their own experience when needed. If necessary, the moderators will delete, omit, or block any comments, information, or individual who is violating the spirit of respectful courteous communication, or abusing the privilege of being a member of this community.

Nonetheless, this is an open public forum, and we caution every member of this community to use common sense and judgment in determining how to use the contacts and information from this center. NSF provides this service as informational only, and does not endorse or take responsibility for any person, statement, or item contained within this center.

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Enter the Forum

We welcome you to proceed enthusiastically, yet cautiously, in finding the information, and connections you are looking for to make informed healthcare decisions regarding scoliosis and related spinal deformities. To get started, simply click the link below to enter the forum.

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