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Yoga For Scoliosis with Elise Browning Miller
Length: 77 Minutes

"Yoga for Scoliosis with Elise Browning Miller" has a 50-minute home yoga practice with three sections, approximately 17 minutes each, that can be practiced individually or in its entirety. There is a bonus section with additional therapeutic yoga poses and interviews with an orthopedic surgeon and Elise.

This video in DVD, VHS, or PAL format provides a beginning home practice for most people with scoliosis. It is based upon a proven program that focuses on lengthening the spine, stretching muscles that have become tight and strengthening muscles that have become weak. Attention is applied to de-rotating the spine and ribs that have rotated posterior and overall, creating more balance and harmony in the body. This result should empower people with scoliosis to take charge of their own back for better posture and less pain and discomfort.

Yoga and Scoliosis FAQ
Price: $34.95


Understanding Scoliosis
Length: 8 Minutes

Kaiser Permanente's educational video clearly and positively addresses the patient community. In this video four teenagers at various stages of treatment talk about their life with scoliosis.

Price: $14.95                   


What's This Thing Called Scoliosis?
Length: 17 Minutes

Dr. Charles Ray presents a comprehensive overview of scoliosis using the latest computer technology. The anatomical spine and animated model work together to truly show the 3D aspects of scoliosis and its corresponding impact on the patient

Price: $49.95                   


Ellie's Back
Length: 15 Minutes

Eight year old Elianah and her mother Luanne Lippold have teamed together to produce a film that wonderfully portrays life with scoliosis as viewed through the eyes of a young child. Ellie's tour through the orthotist's shop is great viewing for all.

Price: $19.95                   


Scoliosis, an Adult Perspective
Length: 15 Minutes

Dr. Blackman and five female patients provide an overall perspective of what adult scoliosis is, who gets it, the types of curves, myths about the disorder, and options for treatment.

Price: $19.95                   


Preparing Yourself for Spinal Surgery
(For Teens with Severe Scoliosis)

Length: 18 Minutes

Patient education video helping to reduce anxiety for teenagers facing surgery by giving a sense of what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Produced by AcroMed.

Price: $19.95                   


Cutting Edge Medical Report
Length: 18 Minutes

As seen on the Discovery Channel, this video is an in-depth examination of the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis. Produced by ITV and the National Scoliosis Foundation.

Price: $19.95                   


Sharing Scoliosis: You're Not Alone
Length: 26 Minutes

The Missouri Chapter of the NSF shares their experience with scoliosis including diagnosis, wearing a brace, surgery, and recovery. It is a good source of support for patients of all ages and their families.

Price: $19.95                   


Growing Straighter and Stronger
Length: 15 Minutes

Educational unit produced by the National Scoliosis Foundation. For the pre-screening education of students in grades 5-9. Also available on loan for $30.00 refundable deposit plus $5 shipping and handling. Explains what scoliosis is and how it is detected, illustrates the normal screening procedure, emphasizes the importance of follow-up after screening, encourages peer support for students who have scoliosis, and encourages young people to follow the treatment prescribed.

Price: $35.00                   


Growing Straighter and Stronger - Teacher Guide
23-page booklet

Developed to complement the video "Growing Straighter and Stronger". Designed to educate students about scoliosis and the importance of early detection through postural screening.

Price: $5.00                   


Dealing With Scoliosis:
A Patient Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

Length: 20 Minutes

An upbeat video which features Miss North Carolina, Michelle Mauney, and explains diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis though the experience of several teenagers and young adults. Produced by Surgical Dynamics.

Price: $10.00                   


School Screening with Dr. Keller
Length: 60 Minutes

A training video that teaches proper technique for doing spinal screening. Defines scoliosis and kyphosis. Four teenagers, three with curves and one without, are examined and the findings explain. Produced by the Maine Department of Human Services, Division of Maternal & Child Health.

Price: $19.95