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Scoliosis Surgery, The Definitive Patient's Reference: Third Edition
by Dave Wolpert
Swordfish Communications, LLC

If you are confronting the possibility of scoliosis surgery, or if you are a concerned family member or friend of someone in that situation, "Scoliosis Surgery: The Definitive Patient's Reference" is for you. Written in plain English by someone who has been through it, this book explains in detail everything you need to know about what is involved in scoliosis surgery, how to decide whether surgery is the right course of action, what the surgical options are, what alternatives to surgery exist, and how to prepare for surgery and the lengthy recovery process.

Price: $18.95                   


Stopping Scoliosis by Nancy Schommer
Avery Publishing Group

When Stopping Scoliosis was first published, Publisher's Weekly applauded the book as "a compassionate, informative guide to the diagnosis and treatment of curvature of the spine." Kirkus Reviews hailed it as "a concise, clear explanation of scoliosis and its treatments, with plenty of practical pointers and support from fellow sufferers." The new edition of Nancy Schommer's book is still considered the best and most comprehensive book presently available for the layperson who is dealing with this baffling disorder.

The new edition contains the latest information on surgical and non-surgical techniques for scoliosis, what can be done about adult scoliosis, and information about research into the cause(s) of the disorder. The revised edition also contains many interviews with new patients, plus an entire chapter devoted to finding and evaluating information about scoliosis on the Internet.

Price: $14.95                   


Stand Tall Harry by Mary Mahony
Redding Press

Mary Mahony, a board member of the NSF, has recently released a new book, Stand Tall, Harry. Unlike her first two books which have focused largely on scoliosis, Stand Tall, Harry is about an African American student who is bused from the city to the suburbs for his education. Harry shares with his grandfather his desire to find a best friend at his school. Eventually Harry befriends a boy named Jack which ultimately brings them both to the chessboard. Harry endures a serious hockey injury, an eventual diagnosis of scoliosis, and soon finds himself as a possible USA chess star.

Price: $14.95                   


Growing Up With Scoliosis by Michelle Spray

This is a very personal, individual, thoroughly comprehensive account of what the author felt and experienced while “Growing Up With Scoliosis”. It begins with the school screening diagnosis and takes the reader through the stages of observation, long-term brace treatment, curve progression after the end of growth, and scoliosis surgery and its outcome.

“Although some of the technical aspects of the author’s brace treatment and surgical care have evolved since she experienced them, the principles have not changed, nor have the scope and depth of feelings encountered by a young person who must with deal scoliosis. The author has had the courage and concern for others to share her deeply personal experience.” – Thomas S. Renshaw, M.D.

Price: $12.95                   


Scoliosis and the Human Spine by Martha Hawes
Willowship Press

Scoliosis and the Human Spine is the product of an exhaustive analysis of the peer-reviewed literature describing the history, biology, and clinical approach to treatment of spinal deformity, and includes a bibliography of more than 700 medical and scientific papers. The book is written to serve as a reference, which can enable patients, parents, physicians and other clinicians to draw their own conclusions about the current status of knowledge and treatment of spinal deformity in this country.

Price: $49.95                   


What Can I Give You? by Mary Mahony
Redding Press

A wonderful story of a loving mother's care for her daughter. The medical saga of Erin and Mary offers insight and insperation to families living with congenital scoliosis and valuable guidance to the physicians who treat them.

Price: $12.95                   


Getting Ready, Getting Well by Mary Knapp
Redding Press

A 73-page guide for those anticipating surgery. Divided into 3 parts: "Making Up Your Mind", "Taking Charge", and "Home Again".

Price: $12.00                   


There's an "S" on My Back, "S" is for Scoliosis
by Mary Mahony - Willowship Press

Maisey MacGuire's journey as a fifth grader diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at a school screening.

Price: $14.95