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Supplements to Prepare for Surgery?

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  • Supplements to Prepare for Surgery?

    I may not be the best at exercising often, but I am HUGE on taking natural supplements to improve my health. I have been taking Chlorella (green algae) for the past 2 months in preparation for surgery. Its supposedly a super food that improves immune system and over all health. (read Has anyone taken supplements to prepare for surgery? Anyone have any comments on whether or not its safe to take supplements prior to surgery such as green algae? I am curious to see if anyone has had any success. Thanks!
    Thoracic curve approx 62 degrees,
    Lower curve of approx 38 degrees
    27 years old
    Scheduled for Spinal Fusion 2/2/2012
    T2-L2 or L3
    Engaged to be married on 4.6.2013!

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    I would ask my surgeon before taking anything that he did not give you

    Fused from C2 - sacrum 7/2011

    April 21, 2020- another broken rod surgery


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      My surgeon told me to stop all supps &vitamins 2weeks prior to surgery. Walking is a highly recommended exercise pre &post op.
      44 years old at time of surgery, Atlanta GA

      Pre-Surgery Thorasic: 70 degrees, Pre-Surgery Lumbar: 68 degrees, lost 4 inches of height in 2011
      Post-Surgery curves ~10 degrees, regained 4 inches of height

      Posterior T3-sacrum & TLIF surgeries on Nov 28, 2011 with Dr. Lenke, St. Louis
      2 rods, 33 screws, 2 cages, 2 connectors, living a new life I never dreamed of!