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pre-op planning x

  • cjsigmon
    started a topic Getting Ready for Surgery

    Getting Ready for Surgery

    I am consulting with several surgeons for second and third opinions and leaning toward surgery to stop degeneration. I have chronic muscle pain--lower left back where the muscles are stretched due to curves--but more recently one or more nerves has been pinched. The burning feeling around my rib cage,...
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  • Pre Op appointment is tomorrow! Questions to ask?

    My pre op is tomorrow with Dr. Vora at Hershey Medical Center- Spine and Joint Institute and with anastegia. Does anyone know what type of questions I should ask to prepare myself better for my surgery on Feb 2nd?

    Also, my fusion will be T2-L2 or L3 and I am wondering if I will have...
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  • Roxjanine
    started a topic Supplements to Prepare for Surgery?

    Supplements to Prepare for Surgery?

    I may not be the best at exercising often, but I am HUGE on taking natural supplements to improve my health. I have been taking Chlorella (green algae) for the past 2 months in preparation for surgery. Its supposedly a super food that improves immune system and over all health. (read http://www.chl...
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  • Lilysaidwhat
    started a topic Tips for easy home recovery

    Tips for easy home recovery

    Reading through some of the older posts, I'm finding tidbits here and there - like keeping regularly used pots and pans on the countertop, etc.

    Can we create a sticky to hold all of the things you found helpful post-op to make your new routine a little easier? I'm talking shower chair,...
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