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Joseph P. O'Brien

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Scoliosis has been twisting, turning, and curving the spines of our young children for far too long. Down through the ages dedicated physicians such as Hippocrates, Galen, Andry, Hibbs, Blount, and Harrington have attempted to understand the reasons behind the onset and progression of this sinister spinal deformity in the hopes of providing better treatment for the people afflicted with it. Now with some new tools and methods we have an opportunity better than any other time in history to discover the cause, or causes, of scoliosis and truly focus our medical and scientific community towards finding the Cause, Prevention and ultimately the Cure for this spinal disorder. But it will not happen unless all of us get involved. NIH has spent Virtually $0 for Scoliosis Research!

NIH Has Spent Virtually $0 for Scoliosis Research!
Tell them why this must change.

Tell them why this must change. Are you a parent burdened by what you see your child going through with scoliosis and confused about what course of action is best for him or her? Are you a teenager upset about being wrapped in plastic, and not knowing when, or if, the treatment will work? Are you an active woman limited by the curve in your back, and either frustrated that there is nothing to help you, or frightened by being told what may lie ahead? Or, are you someone tired of living in pain, and feeling victimized by the surgical, or non-surgical treatments that failed to help you? No matter what situation you may be in, we often find that the burden of living with scoliosis is in large part due to the lack of understanding what causes it.

Knowing the cause(s) of this spinal deformity is essential to the development of effective, minimally invasive, and less expensive treatment or prevention options. We must get The National Institute for Health (NIH) to realize that directing it's funding towards etiology research for scoliosis will help millions of people get the answers and care they deserve. But you need to call, email, and or write to them to get their attention and help them realize how important this is.

Communicate to the NIH Director today!
Please don't delay.

In his lead article Dr. Sponseller, Chair of the Etiology Committee for the Scoliosis Research Society, presents us with the rationale and need for etiology research, and rings out a "Call to Action". We ask everyone within the NSF scoliosis community to heed this call, and begin this campaign immediately. There is no time to waste. We have enclosed a letter to the NIH Director, which you can mail. We also ask you to send a copy of this letter to your Representative or Senator, as well as to us here at NSF so we can compile them into one booklet for future hearings. Please call us if you need help with this effort.

We have a chance to begin to straighten things out, so please join the National Scoliosis Foundation, and Scoliosis Research Society in this Etiology Research Campaign. A collaborative effort between physicians and patients is a mighty strong voice.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

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