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Thread: Alternative pain management for H Rods

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    Alternative pain management for H Rods

    I have Harrington rods, not for scoliosis, but for a spinal fusion following partial paralysis of the lower body. Iíve had them about 9 years and Iím still pretty young at 25. I always have stiffness/pulling/ache/pain in my back but lately itís been getting worse and bothering me. Itís started when I got a job where Iím at a desk all day and basically donít move from my wheelchair.

    Iíve been taking painkillers, but Iím also looking at alternative pain management. So far Iíve discovered laying on the floor with my bent knees help up helps and some yoga positions that help.

    Mostly I like Childs position (kneeling on knees on the floor with stomach resting on the thighs and hands stretched out in front of you) It really helps when someone lightly pushes down on my back while Iím in childís pose. Cat and cow also helps (hands and knees on the floor, arching your back like a cat, and then going lax and letting the spine dip while the shoulder and butt go highter)

    Anyone know of any other on the floor yoga positions that help with Harrington rod pain or any other methods that do not involve drugs?

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    Hi Laura ~

    Glad you have been able to find some relief with Yoga. Elise Browning Miller has a DVD called Yoga for Scoliosis. I have it and it is easy to follow along - she also has alternative poses for those with extenuating circumstances. Turned out Yoga doesn't work all that well for me - but many others say it is excellent. Maybe your specialist will think this DVD helpful. It's available at

    Schroth has been used successfully for pain - even for surgical patients. I do not know what the criteria is or if you would qualify for what they can offer. But here is the web link below (for the clinic in Germany) maybe this is something you and your specialist can review (and maybe contact).

    Christa Lehnert-Schroth publishes her contact information there.

    All the best to you!

    Schroth in Germay:
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