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Thread: An Update from a Silent Reader

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    An Update from a Silent Reader

    This forum has been of great help and inspiration. I have had Scoliosis since teens and finally got my Surgery done on March 6, 2009 at the age of 31. I am a mother of 2 boys(7 yr and 2yr).Me and my husband had prepared ourselves for a long and difficult recovery. But the recovery has been much easier than what we expected. I just passed the 2 month period and am walking 2 miles weather permitting everyday. My doctor has been amazing and I attribute all of this to his experience and diligence. I would recommend him 100% for anyone going through Scoliosis/Spinal Fusion.

    It was a 7 hr surgery from 11 am to 6 pm. I came to the room around 8 pm awake enough to see my nervous husband and hold his hands. I was all bloated for 2 days(enough to scare my kids away). The two complications during surgery were lots of blood loss(I needed 6 pints) and as per the neurologist the doctors couldnt get my hands moving when they stimulated my nerves before stitching me up. Hence they brought me back up from my anesthesia faster to make sure I am all ok. I needed 2 more pints the next day. Started walking with the therapist and a walker on Day 3, walked with no walker and climbed stairs on Day 4. Got discharged Day 5.

    At home first week was painful in particular late evenings. Went through all post-surgery symptoms like, constipation, difficulty staying in one position for more than 20 mins. Two weeks later got my staples removed and my wound had healed pretty well. Continued on Percocet and Oxycontin. My first post-op appointment with my doc was at 5 wks after surgery. Things looked good on my X-Ray. A correction from 66 to 34(yeaaaaa). My back looks great!!! Since then apart from pains off and on its been steady progress, no big alarms and I pray god that it remains that way.

    For anyone who is going to or is thinking about Spinal Fusion I would definitely say that it is worth the pain. I had a very difficult decision to make since I had NO pain whatsoever pre-surgery. I had a normal lifestyle. But still I went through this just because of my 66 degree and progressive curve. I realized I had to do it at some point. And looking back I have no regrets. I understand everyone is different but atleast I hope my experience could help in making the right decision.


    Spinal Fusion (T4-L4) and Thoracoplasty on March 6, 2009 at age 31
    by Dr Lauerman at Georgetown Univ, DC
    Pre Surgery - 66 degrees
    Post Surgery - 34 degrees and feeling good

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    Hi Radhika...

    Welcome, and thanks for posting your experience. I'm sure it will be very helpful to others.

    I'm always reluctant to say this, but your experience is more the norm these days, than the exception.

    Hope your recovery continues to be easy.


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    Thank you for posting your experiences.

    My daughter, 16, is scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Lauerman as well on June 1. It's good to know that she will be in such capable hands.

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    Thanks for posting. Im so happy things are better than you expected...thats terrific! I agree w/you....I have no regrets either. I had some pre-op pain, but none that stopped me from working, playing w/my kids, etc. My pre op pain is gone, my back is MUCH straighter and I too, knew it needed to be thoughts...sooner rather than later & younger rather than older which could have lead to a more evasive & complex surgery. I hope you have continued success w/your recovery & keep us posted!

    Take care!

    Lynn -30.... something
    DxD @ 8 yrs old: 10* curve-no brace-no nothin'!
    At age 26: Thorasic 48*/Lumbar 50*
    At age 34: Thorasic 58*/Lumbar 60*
    Posterior T5-L4 Fusion Jan 14th, 2009 w/Dr Tribus
    UW Madison, WI Hospital
    **AFTER: less than 10* Thorasic/15* Lumbar**

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