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Thread: scoliosis causing problems.. HELP PLEASE!

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    Exclamation scoliosis causing problems.. HELP PLEASE!

    As you read, this might not seem like a scoliosis question, but please take the time to read it because it really is. I'm just giving background information.

    I am a girl and I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 12 years old. At 14, they put a brace. It was at 42 degrees. I am now 18 and it is at 44 degrees.

    I've always had migranes since I can remember. Still do, quite often actually.
    I started having anxiety when I was 15 years old. I had a couple of panic attacks, but they were never too bad. I thought I had ADD because I could never concentrate, never sit still, always move around, etc etc. But I found out I didn't have ADD.

    About 6 months ago, anxiety started getting worse, back pain getting EXTREMELY worse, muscles getting weaker (all over). I got restless leg about 4 times around 6 months ago.

    And the past 2 months, I've been experiencing extreme anxiety, hyperveinlation, panic attacks. Almost everyday. I have also been getting Restless leg syndrome and extreme muscle pain (usually in my lower extremities). Sometimes, I get so sore I can barely even walk right and all I do is lay with a heating pad ALL DAY LONG.

    My family doctor has put me on .75mg-1mg Mirapex for my legs and migranes. (NOTHING UNDER THIS HAS WORKED). Even still 1mg doesn't help sometime.

    I have developed insomnia from the RLS and sleepless nights.

    My mother told me to come with her to her pain doctor, jsut to talk to him.
    We should him my xrays and he could see the scoliosis by just looking at me. One arm longer than the other, hips are crooked, one shoulders higher, you know. :P

    He said that my RLS was either because of my anxiety, or because of my back pressing on nerves.

    I just feel so alone. Nobody really understands what I'm going through... everyone underestimates my pain and the severity of my rls...

    Does this happen to anyone else with scoliosis?!?
    Or does this seem like a different disease, like fibromygalia (SP), or Mulitple Scerosis, etc.?

    edit: i forgot to mention, sometimes, it feels like the bones in my spine lock up. whenever i pop my back its hard to come back to the position I was in.
    And sometimes when i BARELY move, the middle of my back (where the big curve is), it pops. it doesn't hurt, usually feels really good haha. But it only does this when i barely move one centimeter. (its not too frequent, & it usually happens when im sitting down.)
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    Hi, I was diagnosed with scoliosis three years ago after a accident at work. I can totally relate to your pain. I have also just been diagnosed with fibromayalgia, which can develop from spinal injuries. I also have extensive nerve damage, disc degeneration. I at times feel much like the hunch back at times. I have been on extensive medication since my accident, and now am classified as disabled. I would try to get tested for FMS, fibromayalgia as it does cause extreme pain as you have described. Good luck!!! and keep positive thoughts, I know how hard that is at times, you are not alone Patty

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    My friend told me that her mom has it and the things i describe sounded just like how her mom felt.

    Then I looked it up, and was amazing over how much it relates to me..

    But i'm so young! /:

    I'm about to go to a Pain management doctor, I've talked to him before, but have never actually 'seen him' as a patient. I will definatly suggest the whole Fibro thing.

    I'm sorry about your accident and i hope everything gets better! <3

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    Unfortunely you are NOT too young to have all these issues. I too was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12. I had a 36 degree curve. Now as an adult 29, I have disc degeneration, bone spurs, sciatica, fibromyalisia (suspected), IBS, depression, ganglion cysts, etc. I live with pain everyday. My doctors haven't seemed to figure it out yet. Its very frustrating. I"m going to the DR> this week and requesting to see an Orthropedic Dr. for the scoliosis, and a rheumatologist to concern the fibromyalisia. I never thought I would feel so helpless and so unable to do NORMAL things at a young age. Hang in there. There is an answer to all this! We just have to give it time to figure it out!


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    I have a friend with fibro and she just went to my pain doctor. Most of her pain is being caused by disc problems. I would go to a doctor that treats adult scoliosis patients. At 44 you were borderline for suregery. With you pain increasing, your curve may have increases also. My daughter had a lot of pain when her curve was increasing. I know when my back pain is bad, I have more panic attacks ans anxiety. I have had to have nerve ablations done to control my pain. I have disc problems in the T4 - T12 area (just above my fusion) and when the pain is bad, I can't take a deep breath. It also feel like I'm having a heart attack from the pain (minus the arm pain). The ablations give me relief for about 1 year.
    T12- L5 fusion 1975 - Rochester, NY
    2002 removal of bottom of rod and extra fusion
    3/1/11 C5-C6 disc replacement
    Daughter - T7 - L3 fusion 2004

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