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Thread: New Here, Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

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    New Here, Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

    Hi, everyone. I am new here and newly diagnosed.

    I have a list of about 25 diagnoses, a lot of them rare disorders, that I have been "accumulating" for the past ten years. I am disabled. I have had back injuries since I was 17 and I am 53. For years I have had pain and felt like I was wearing a sack of flour on my lower back, especially after I have been standing for any length of time. It is very difficult for me to cook because my back hurts so bad I can barely stand.

    Saw spine specialist for my neck pain and my lower back pain -- yes, I get pain in the middle too. I have arthritis, some disc problems, but this week he told me I have adult degenerative scoliosis. I wasn't expecting scoliosis to join my list of diagnoses -- I thought it was only for children and teens, I especially didn't expect to be diagnosed with it at 53. After looking at the symptoms, it makes sense that I have scoliosis -- people have asked me why one shoulder is lower than the other and that it appeared that my body has changed.

    I am supposed to start getting nerve blocks in my neck and lumbar areas. The spine specialist says it isn't bad enough to have surgery, and I don't want surgery. Basically, he said "I am a surgeon and that is all I do." I got the message that ok, you're diagnosed, get out of here since you don't need surgery.

    I found a velcro back brace at the Back Store, it helps with the pain, but it is very painful having the velcro etc. under my arm pits. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have checked, and this area in Virginia doesn't have back braces that pretty much cover the entire back. I want to use a brace because it helps a lot with the pain.

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    You might contact Luke Stikeleather at -- in the D.C. area. He not only makes braces but also works with physical therapists who might be able to help you.

    Good luck!

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