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Thread: Dr. Ain at Johns Hopkins?

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    Dr. Ain at Johns Hopkins?

    I've read a lot of good things on here about Dr. Kebaish at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. I am currently seeing Dr. Michael Ain for my scoliosis, and he is also at Hopkins. He has recommended surgery for my now-progressed AIS curves (I was diagnosed at age 12 and have never had a surgery). I am now 25 years old. Has anyone else here had Dr. Ain as their surgeon or consultant, especially as an adult? I am looking for any feedback on him. Thank you!

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    Any update?

    My daughter is 12 and will be going to Hopkins soon to see Dr. Sponseller for an S curve. I'm sorry to see no one replied to this thread last year. Did you go through with treatment at Hopkins? If so, did you stick with Dr. Ain, and how are you doing?

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