Hi all,

My name is Katey and this is my first post, though I've been reading for awhile. I am a 24 y.o. female with a 50 degree thoracic curve. The worst of it is between T3-T6. I have not had surgery and have not yet had a doctor want to do surgery, though I am leaning (haha- literally) in that direction.

Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of pain. Not-so-coincidentally, in my mind at least, the pain corresponds exactly with where the curve is, to the left and mostly on the ribs. I get muscle spasms and tightening in the area and it's awful. I have high pain tolerance but it truly hits a 9 and is an average of at least a 6 day to day. I have seen my primary care doctor, a neurologist and most recently an orthopedic surgeon for advice and hopefully pain care, only to leave empty handed and frustrated to tears. I have received prescriptions for Flexeril and Baclofen, which help a bit, but I can only take those at bed time. I work full time and it's hard to do so in agony!

The orthopedic surgeon just wants to watch and wait, and the neurologist has me doing PT. The PT tech has me doing exercises to strengthen the muscles, which helps a bit, but even he agrees that he's beyond his depth. Basically, I feel like I'm stuck in "scoliosis purgatory" with this 50degree curve. Any tips from people in this community for how to get real pain relief and how I should proceed would be greatly appreciated! I am so tired of being in this pain, and being told that it's not scoliosis related. And thanks for reading all this, I know it's long.