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    Hello, I was reading all this amaizing stories. Is really funny how sometimes you think your problems are big to find out that there are similar or worse cases out there... My Miracle is Camila A. Paulino she is 7 months old. And when i was pregnant they discover that the baby was coming with many malformations. She was born in the Children morgan stanly-new york presbyterian and she had a Heart surgery a week after she was born. Last december we went to the ped. I showed him a hump in her back and after X-ray they discovered that she has congenital scoliosis. Last week I saw the ortho from Chony Dr. Roye and he told me that she has 45 degrees and it may get worse and that she will need a sugery when she is about 2 years old. He said that there is no use for a brace and the physical therapy is not going to help. they are going to do a MRI soon. I am really worry because this is not the only health problem she has. Is this a good hospital for this type of problems or should I take her to other doctor? where should I take her? Really need help. I seen that there are many people here that knows a lot about hospitals or doctors...
    1) Open heart surgery to repair the aorta, heart is in her right side and is twisted, smaller left side but working perfectly
    2) Hypoplasic right lung
    3) Abnormality in her left kidney (no problem with that)
    4) Shorter right arm, hand and leg
    5) Congenital scoliosis
    6) Asimmethrical face
    7) Genetic thinks she has vacterl because there was no problem in the chromosomes

    Thanks for your help
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