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any one with growth rods experience? -Help

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  • any one with growth rods experience? -Help

    Hello everyone! My name is Laimi. My son is 22 months old and we are considering growth rods. We saw a doctor already who advised us the child does not qualify for VEPTR. The two choices my son has right now are:
    1) the fusion of 8 vertebrae in his torso which will make his torso remarkably shorter or 2) growth rods in order to gain time for growing.
    The problem with growth rods is that two vertebrae at the top and boton of the rods will need to be fused in order to attach the rods. In addition, rods brake, screws come out, the rubbing of the metal against the vertebrae can cause undesirable fusion, etc. If things go wrong with the rods, the child would then need to have the eight vertebrae fused anyway plus the 4 that were already fused to attach the rods. (12 vertebrae total). I need to know about your experiences with rods, especially in young kids. I will greatly appreciate your opinions. Thanks.

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    Laimi (m)

    I don't know the answer to your question, but we are looking into growth rods, too. My daughter is almost 10, but she's had scoliosis since she was 18 mo. What is the curvature of your son's spine? I would be very concerned about fusing so early, but the points you bring up w/ growth rods are valid, too.