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Braydon's surgery update

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  • Braydon's surgery update

    Hi all,

    Finally, an update on Braydon's surgery March 13. Braydon had surgery to exchange/replace both VEPTR devices (he has a lumbar hybrid and a chestwall device). The surgery went great! Besides replacing the devices, they did a lot of correction. His chest is fuller and his shoulders and hips are well-balanced again. They had to chip away some of the bone on the lumbar attachment (because bone tissue had grown over the attachment site). With the bone chipping and the big correction, he was in more pain than a typical expansion. It took two days to get his pain under control (Dilaudid PCA pump, Valium, Toradol) but by Wednesday morning, he turned the corner and hasn't looked back. He was released on Thursday. He's still sore and trying to relax his muscles, but he's been sleeping well (sleeping in the reclining sofa). Sleeping well is a good thing! He'll probably go to school for half-days starting Wednesday. We'll just take it one day at a time.

    Thanks to all for your well-wishes and thoughts and prayers. It means so much to know so many people love and care about us. We appreciate it more than you know.

    Our best,
    Carmell and Braydon and family
    mom to Kara, idiopathic scoliosis, Blake 19, GERD and Braydon 14, VACTERL, GERD, DGE, VEPTR #137, thoracic insufficiency, rib anomalies, congenital scoliosis, missing coccyx, fatty filum/TC, anal stenosis, horseshoe kidney, dbl ureter in left kidney, ureterocele, kidney reflux, neurogenic bladder, bilateral hip dysplasia, right leg/foot dyplasia, tibial torsion, clubfoot with 8 toes, pes cavus, single umblilical artery, etc.

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    That's great news Carmell. Hope that Braydon continues to improve.

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    Surgery 1/20/11 A/P fusion L2-sacrum w/pelvic fixation


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      Glad to hear Braydon's surgery was successful. I pray his pain quickly subsides and he will continue to improve daily. Take care -



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        My prayers are with you. Glad to hear he's doing well! Kris


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          I'm so glad to hear the surgery was uneventful and I hope he continues to have a smooth recovery. Braydon is a real champ !


          Canadian eh
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            Sounds like the surgery and its results were great. I'm so happy to hear it. Braydon must be such a trooper - may God bless and watch over him always.

            All my best,
            Mom to David, age 17, braced June 2000 to March 2004
            Vertebral Body Stapling 3/10/04 for 40 degree curve (currently mid 20's)