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  • 28 yr. old male

    I am a 55 year old mother of 28 year old Matthew who was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. We know very little about this. He works a full time job in which he is standing and moving constantly. He takes pain-killers on a regular basis to control the back pain and has even resorted to Percocet. Because of his intake of over-the-counter pain-killers, he has recently suffered from minor internal bleeding from his bowels. He is in such discomfort. No doctor has recommended any further tests so he just lives with the pain. I don't think his degree of scoliosis is as severe as some I've seen, but nevertheless, he is in constant pain. Any suggestions? Shouldn't his own doctor have recommended a specialist? We really don't know where to go from here. Matthew lives away from home so I don't get regular updates on his health, but I want to become more involved and help him as he seems to be suffering more and more pain.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks for any help you can give.
    Matthew's Mom

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    Hi Donna,

    I don't know if you have posted to another part of the board, but I'm sure there are many who would be happy to help you find a scoliosis specialist willing to work with Matthew. You can find a scoliosis specialist in his area on the Scoliosis Research Society webpage...

    Let us know how things go
    mom to Kara, idiopathic scoliosis, Blake 19, GERD and Braydon 14, VACTERL, GERD, DGE, VEPTR #137, thoracic insufficiency, rib anomalies, congenital scoliosis, missing coccyx, fatty filum/TC, anal stenosis, horseshoe kidney, dbl ureter in left kidney, ureterocele, kidney reflux, neurogenic bladder, bilateral hip dysplasia, right leg/foot dyplasia, tibial torsion, clubfoot with 8 toes, pes cavus, single umblilical artery, etc.


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      Hi Carmell: Thanks so much for replying. You are very kind. I'm researching some options here in Ontario. Will let you know how it goes.
      Thanks again.
      Matthew's Mom


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        I'm pretty sure your son has a very high curve because I had a curve of 57 when I had surgery and that wasn't causing me pain, but mine was way over the degree for surgery. So I was say check out a orthopedic surgeon, they will take x rays and measure the curve and probably recommend surgery. I dont know anyone near where you live. I live in tennessee. and I know some great surgeons down here. well cya


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          Hi mom (hope its okay to call you that),

          I am also a 28yr old male. I was diagnosed at age 13. My mom is a medical surgeon, and at that age she opted against surgery. I never had surgery and I think my body generated a high tolerance for pain. I play and still play lots of sports. The last time I was screened my curve was 72 deg. I still prefer not to have surgery. Not that surgery is bad, its just irreversible. You can't put that spinal cartilage back once its been removed. And many doctors tend not to inform patients that the first surgery often sets the precedent for other follow-up surgeries if something goes wrong, and maintenance surgeries to shave down certain areas of the vertebrae, which could be painful and expensive.

          My advice, since mathew is already 28yrs of age and probably not willing to give up his independence for any period of time, is to first try some alternate non-invasive measures:

          1) Try visiting a chiropractor.

          2) Buy a "hang-ups" inversion table to help stretch out his spine - this relieves the pressure and discomfort for a couple of
          days/weeks (relatively).

          3) Buy some tapes from on the Alexander technique
          or join a class that teaches the technique.

          4) Join a yoga class that teaches one to stretch.

          5) Join to meet with other regular
          guy/gals in his area that have it - this helps against isolation.

          6) Buy a massaging, vibrating, recliner. This might be expensive
          so compromise if needed.

          If none of these helps, then go for it. At least his conscience will be clear that he tried everything first. If he wants to chat, reply to this message and I'll provide my e-mail address. Take care and God bless!!