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    I do not recommend Dr. Hostin or Southwest Scoliosis Institute. I was originally a patient of Dr. O'Brien. He was great and was open to doing surgery on me if I progressed. Well, within several years of following my case I felt I had progressed and when I went to schedule a follow-up appointment with him I was informed he had a stroke and would not be returning to practice. I decided to see his partner Dr. Hostin because I mistakenly thought they would look at my case in a similar way. All my records and past images were there as well so it just seemed the most convenient choice. Well, it wasn't! From the minute I set foot in their new facility at Medical City Hospital it was downhill.

    I had traveled all the way from the west coast for this appointment. I received an electronic confirmation of the appointment by email yet when I arrived they said it had been cancelled and Dr. Hostin wasn't there that day. I was infuriated. How do you mistakenly cancel an appointment? I had traveled all that way for nothing. What a major screw up! Some bitch came out and talked to me in a very condescending way like I was a emotionally upset child. It was very inappropriate. How can you expect someone not to be upset if they traveled hours by plane, spent money and time to get to the appointment to have it mysteriously cancelled?

    Luckily I had planned to stay in Dallas an extra day so they were able to squeeze me in the next day. I'd like to say all went well once I met with Dr. Hostin and he helped me but I can't. My experience just gets worse.

    Dr. Hostin was not interested in my case. Although my curve had progressed and I have to wear a brace to stand any length of time he didn't deem it significant enough to operate on. I can accept if he is not interested in my case. However, he at least could have referred me to another doctor.

    He ordered another CT on me. I had had one several years before which came out completely normal. This one also came out normal at which point he basically just abandoned me. No follow up, no referral to another provider that might want my case, nothing. I was just left with knowledge that my curve had progressed but he had no interest in helping me or finding someone to help me. What kind of doctor is that?

    I don't think he has passion for his field of practice or wants to be there. If you know the history of Southwest Scoliosis Institute then you know it was started by Dr. Shelokov. Dr. Shelkov brought Dr. Hostin in as a junior partner then shortly after died unexpectedly on a skiing trip. This left Dr. Hostin holding the bag of the practice. I think that is something he didn't sign up for but maybe for ego reasons doesn't want to admit it's too much on him. Over the years partners are brought in and the only one that really stuck around any length of time was Dr. O'Brien. I regularly get notices a partner has left the practice and a new partner has been hired.

    To top of the horrible experience, several months later I get a notice from their office that a billing statement and some of my confidential medical records pertaining to my appointment with Dr. Hostin were sent to my old address and under my maiden name. I changed my mailing address and name with them years before my last appointment with Hostin. That mistake was a major breach of patient confidentiality and I have no idea what happened to these documents of if unscrupulous individuals have sensitive personal and financial info on me.

    To close, Dr. Hostin, his staff and medical office were an epic let down and negligent in their office protocols pertaining to my sensitive medial and financial information . Therefore, I don't recommend this practice and urge potential patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

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    Originally posted by linzlu28 View Post
    I do not recommend

    lTherefore, I don't recommend this practice and urge potential patients to seek treatment elsewhere.
    I for one appreciate someone having the guts to detail an experience with a particular physician and express an opinion about him publicly. It's not easy to write a negative opinion. There are few yelp and google reviews of doctors as it is. This is just one opinion, but it is helpful, I would consider it if I were shopping for a surgeon in that part of the country.

    After two bad experiences, I hope you found a doctor you have had a better experience with and who has helped you. Unless you've sworn off scoliosis surgeons for good.