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Having a Lawyer Deal With Hospital Charges?

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  • jackieg412
    In the past when that has happened to me I called the insurance company and asked them to pay what they would if the charge was in network. Then I called the provider and ask them to accept that payment . In all cases that worked. You don't need to waste your money on a lawyer . Just document who you are talking to and what was said. I'm t can work.

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  • Tina_R
    started a topic Having a Lawyer Deal With Hospital Charges?

    Having a Lawyer Deal With Hospital Charges?

    Prior to my spinal fusion surgery I contacted my surgeon's office to find out if everything was covered by my insurance. I was told that it was and that it looked like I wouldn't owe anything.

    Some out-of-network charges appeared anyway. Some of us know how high those can be. Is there anything further I could have done to prevent this? I did not record that conversation with the office. I had not demanded that everyone be in network.

    In particular, has anyone ever used a lawyer to deal with the hospital to prevent this from happening, or if it does have to happen, to make sure you have limited responsibility for the charges?

    This probably sounds ungrateful and it probably doesn't put one's best foot forward in dealing with the hospital. But has anyone ever done it? And what kind of lawyer would this be? I would not want to scare them with a medical malpractice lawyer.
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