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Can someone talk to this woman who claims she can consciously move her vertebra?

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  • Can someone talk to this woman who claims she can consciously move her vertebra?

    This person has PMed me over several months wanting something from me. But because I am just interested in evidence, I can't help her. She seems sincere. I am not going to reveal her name and I am removing identifying verbiage. The only reason I am publishing PM material is that I have failed her and maybe someone here can help her. She claims she has radiographic evidence (see notes).

    If someone is willing to talk to her, I won't give out her screen name but will send her the link to this thread so she can contact you if she wants. She has no public posts.


    Respondent: We CAN move individual vertebrae at WILL (consciously) to change the alignment of our spines.

    Little me: How do you know we can move individual vertebrae at will?

    Respondent: Because I can do it!

    Little me: How do you know you can do it?

    Respondent: Yes, this question comes up alot..... or used to even to me. Eight years ago I wasn't even sure I was just thinking it or actually doing it. I prove it though when you clearly feel me do it in your presence and I have also proved it in NYC last year where ( after meeting me and feeling me move ) a Dr. and a group of radiologists in Manhattan asked me to on their requests - change four xrays in a row. I did - one including a requested thoracic lateral bend to the right 17 degrees. The proof is not that important to me. I have been successfully and quietly teaching this to others. I really just wanted to talk to you about it. I am (redacted to protect her privacy) and I am just a woman...... who has somehow been given the task of sharing this with the world. A task so much bigger than me - I am private so far and that is why I am messaging you privately.

    Little me:
    1. How many people have you taught?
    2. How many people permanently reduced their curves?
    3. What were the permanent reductions in degrees?

    If you really permanently reduced your curve and that of others then it is unethical and unconscionable to continue to do it "quietly". There is no reason to do it quietly if your claim is true. Did the radiologists agree that you permanently reduced your curve?

    Respondent: I had a 19 degree lumbar curve three years ago which is now gone. I have taught it to several people! I have had no documentation on any of my clients - it was not on my MIND at the time. I was only helping people with pain!

    Little me:
    What did the radiographs show the radiologists?
    How much did you permanently straighten your spine?
    Before measurement = ?
    After measurement = ?


    Respondent: Of course you cannot straighten your spine - that would be a ruler! Once you are consciously moving your spine you realize there are natural curves that you move in out and around of.

    The first Xray requested of me was taken of my spine showing it in - as neutral as my mind and spine now know - there was NO thoracic lateral curve in this Xray!

    Little me: What do you mean by this? All curves correct on bending.

    Respondent: It is obvious to me that you are not interested in what I have to say - sadly - Your passion around scoliosis is what led me to reach out to you- I WILL share this work - I know it is my path - no matter how difficult it has been and will continue to be. You have reminded me how difficult it is. Maybe that is why my intuition led me to reach out to you.
    Take care,
    Someday you will know more about what I am talking about.

    Little me: What are you waiting for? Why not do it now?

    Respondent: Someday you will know more about what I am talking about.

    Little me: Why don't you explain it now instead of being vague and mysterious. Either you have evidence or you don't. Evidence is the only thing that matters. Otherwise it is all just your imagination.

    Respondent: Sharon - I am not welcomed easily - even by YOU this will be a hard road for me. I finally have one Dr. who believes in what I am doing and will help me document. I was only reaching out for advice and some support.

    (Little me: she is describing the notes... she sent no radiographs)

    As requested images 5 and 6 show the thoracic and lumbar spine with patient rotating thoracic to the left and lumbar to the right There is a 6 degree dextros scoliosis on these images with mild rotation of the thoracic spine to the left. Lumbar spine demonstrates 6 degrees dextroscoliosis with moderate rotatory component to the right.

    Image seven shows the patient creating a lateral curvature to the right. This single film which includes levels from C7 - L3 demonstrates 17 degree dextroscoliosis from the superior endplate of t3 to the superior endplate of L3

    I have typed it in for you...... I don't have the right words to explain myself - as I am not a doctor

    Addended report 8/14/15 ALL X-rays taken within moments of each other!
    scoliosis radiograph series neutral views there is 3 degrees levosscoliosis at the thoracolumbar junction measured from the supeior endplate of T9 to the superior endplate of L2.

    As requested, images 3 and 4 show the spine with the patient ' rotating thoracic spine to the right and lumbar spine to the left. There is a 8.5 levoscoliosis fromt eh superior endplate of T3 to the superior endplate of T 11 there is 12 degree levoscoliosis from the superior endplate of t11 to superior endplate of l4 with moderate rotory component.

    Little me: You don't have scoliosis.

    Respondent: I never said I have scoliosis
    I would NEVER go to a chiro either espicially since I can move my own vertebra
    I only contacted you because I can move my spine and vertebra at will - not the way we do now as humans- at all. I have no idea if it will help scoliosis - I do know that it will 100 percent improve any movement or exercises they are already trying.
    If you first move directly from the spine you will and can change your structure. otherwise on exercising you continue to be a stronger crooked version of yourself.
    I am sorry to have engaged but I learn from all my choices!

    Little me: People with scoliosis can't move their spine like normal people. Where did you get the idea that anything you can do with a normal spine can be done with a scoliotic spine? There is nothing unusual in what you have done with your normal spine. Last, most people with scoliosis can stand or twist so as to reduce their curve. That is not a treatment and it certainly won't help because nobody can spend the rest of their life deliberately standing funny and twisting their torso.

    Respondent: What I am doing and teaching is absolutely unusual..... out of ignorance ( as you have not met or experienced it ) you have no idea what I am doing. When my Xray's were taken I moved NOTHING else in my body BUT my spinal vertebra. This is not normally how humans can move. I would not be pursuing any of this if It wasn't so amazing and unusual - be well - lets lose contact now - it is for the best.
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    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

    No island of sanity.

    Question: What do you call alternative medicine that works?
    Answer: Medicine

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    Any continuation of this topic could be a hot mess. It speaks for itself.
    Be happy!
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    but we are alive today!


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      I agree with Rohrer.

      I believe that this person thinks she can move individual vertebrae, and maybe she can. (I'm thinking that an ultra flexible person (like a circus performer) might be able to override the PLL, but who knows.) I'd have to see the proof. It seems to me that if she showed it to a group of doctors, they would publish a case study.

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        She claims she does not move her body. She moves her spine within her motionless body. And she claims she has radiographic proof.

        I am not saying this is impossible. I am saying it is almost certainly useless in treating scoliosis if she is some kind of contortionist.
        Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

        No island of sanity.

        Question: What do you call alternative medicine that works?
        Answer: Medicine

        "We are all African."