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  • Originally posted by LindaRacine View Post
    I think it's because most of the curve progression studies have been done by physicians who treat only kids <18yo. It's been difficult for anyone to find a large cohort of patients with radiographs that span the necessary 4+ decades. There has been talk about a centralized scoliosis registry, but I'm not sure that will ever get off the drawing board.
    It would help if they didn't destroy our initial radiographs. That's the most ignorant policy I've ever heard of with people with scoliosis. I could see throwing away a film of someone's broken foot, but these films are very important and useful. I was VERY upset when I found out my original films were destroyed. Now there's absoluely NOTHING to compare. Otherwise, I'm sure they'd be able to get many people at 4+ decades. It's hard to believe the ignorance of hospitals sometimes. I think another problem here, though, is that older people (>40 years) may progress simply due to the start and rapid progression of degenerative changes. I can't imagine that the wear and tear of a normal spine would compare to that of a scoliotic one. There's just too much stress on the apices of the curves over time. So I don't know how useful adult curve progression studies would be. I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong. I say this based on what makes sense to me.
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    • That's gonna leave a mark!

      The Axial Biotech Scoliscore test was sold to a company called Transgenomic for pennies on the dollar after Axial was liquidated and shut down.

      If you look at Transgenomic's stock chart it doesn't appear to be doing much better.

      Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

      What will happen to Scoliscore if Transgenomic is liquidated is anybodies guess.


      • If the scolioscore really works, they should not refuse to does the test in everyone. Which could be the problem in doing it not only in kids with scoliosis, but also in adults, with scoliosis or not and also without knowing anything about the owner of the spit. If someone wants to know if is pregnant, nobody asks to fulfill any kind of requirement in order to buy the test.. even a man may do it.. the sellers of pregnancy test are very much sure about what they are selling.. it seems to not be happening the same with the scolioscore sellers..