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    What a cold weekend. We did luck out though for football on Friday night and Saturday morning - it didn't rain during the games.
    I'm really not in that much pain - the low back causes me trouble but that isn't even scoliois related. Thanks for the toughtful words. I'm glad to hear that you manage pretty well also.
    It is amazing when people don't even notice the scoliosis. But when you see the x-rays it's another story. The docs are amazed that I have managed to stay upright with such a large curve.
    I've read that one of the greatest things after surgery is that you can wear fitted clothing. I really dislike the skin folds, they make me feel and look fat.
    I'm sure there are other people in our area that we can call on who have had Dr. Lieberman as their surgeon. I imagine that when I go in there in Jan. that I could be put in contact with others that were treated by him.
    I am very thankful that I did not have my surgery earlier in life. It appears that there have been a lot of complications with older procedures. I not naiive enough to think that what we will be going through couldn't result in complications, I'm just saying that the prcedures have improved tremendously.
    I'm not even sure if I can have the scoliois surgery first, or if I'll have to have the disc replacement done first. I take vioxx for the disc problem, and in order for the fusion to take place with the scoliois surgery I will not be able to take vioxx for several months before and after surgery. I was hoping to wait for the disc surgery because of new developments that are being discovered as we speak. This all becomes so complicated in so many ways.
    I hope you have a lot of family and friends to help you out after surgery. Those little children of yours I'm sure are a handful.
    I'm concerened about pain med addiction following surgery. I've read so much on line about people who are addicted, and that is the last place I want to be. My family jeans are riddled with addictive behaviors and I've been told that I should definatley talk this over with my doctor as well as the pain management team prior to surgery. I'm to let them know of my family history and my own personal concerns. Hopefully they can keep me om the right track.
    I'll definately keep you informed on any findings, and also let you know what comes out of my appointment in Jan. Until then I'll keep researching and talking to people.
    As far as your studying goes, I'd just continue with the class. It should help you to a certain degree as to what you are going through right now. Plus the credits you earn will be applied to any degree you may earn in the future.
    Where are you going to school?
    I should get going for now.

    Take care and we'll talk again soon,


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    Pain Medicine

    Thanks for your message. I had cervical fusion done back in 1993 (isn't that terrible--first my neck, now my back!). I took pain medicine, but did not have any trouble stopping when I felt I didn't need it anymore. I have heard that drug dependence can be hereditary, though, so you should discuss it with the doctors. Maybe my pain tolerance is higher than others (I had both children naturally--the last one at home). The school I go to is Stark State College of Technology in Canton. I went for a year learning court reporting but decided I couldn't sit for long periods without a break. At least with my day job (paralegal) and night job (medical transcription) I can get up, stretch, take a break, etc.

    My children are a handful, but my husband handles almost everything dealing with the kids and house due to my 2 jobs and school. He'll be supportive after the surgery, too.

    Take care, and I'll look forward to hearing from you when you've seen Dr. Lieberman.

    God bless, Heidi