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Spinecor Brace for Adults

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  • Mamamax, is really great to know the story of someone who used the Spinecor for adults.. a logic decision really.
    Certainly it cannot be expected to be a definitive solution for an adult with an important curve, something probably impossible even having surgery. Surely something as a cure, could only be expected during growth, where something like a brace may redirect the body modeling in the right direction, but in adulthood surely something must to be done for the entire life. But anyway we always need to do something, having scoliosis or not.
    Probably your structure and your dynamic may have had a good change because using the Spinecor. It cannot surprise to nobody since even bones may be remodeled in adulthood, , but we all are having a battle against the gravity force every day (having or not a lateral curve), so good changes achieved must be maintained and probably something as certain exercises could be the best we can do. I know enough evidence about Iyengar Yoga to believe is one of the better options if not the best. I hope you have read my PM and you may contact L. Let me know if you have any problem in this sense.