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    Hello! This is my first time to post a message. I am 13 years old. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in March 2003 (28 thoraic and 35 lumbar). I started wearing a brace in May 2003. From my last check-up in August til November, my curves increased to 44 lumbar. My doctor recommended a new brace. I have grown about 6 inches since May.

    I have fears of wearing a brace and still having to have surgery.
    Has anyone gone through what I am going through?

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    Hey there! My name is Hannah and i am also 13. Umm i have a brace too and i am going through the same htings u are. Don't be scared there is nothing to be scared of!! Please e-mail me at i would love to tlak to u!!

    -Hannah 13 IN


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      Hey Brandon!! My name is Carly and I have a Boston Brace... the kind you probably wil get.... My curve progressed quickly too and I was nervous about getting my brace as well. It was not as bad as I pictured it though and I am so used to it now. If you have any questions just let me know, okay? Remember it is only temporary and there are worse things in life.


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        Hey Brandon my name is Amanda! I was wearing the boston night time brace for a while but it was not helping me. My back was literally out of control!! Just recently my family and I made a very important decision. To put me in ANOTHER brace so I could wait to have surgery or go ahead and do surgery as soon as possible. Well we chose the surgery because no brace would be able to control my scoliosis. So my advice is to wear the brace as long as possible and then make the decision on when to have surgery. I cant tell you what the surgery will be like because I am having mine later on this month, but I can tell you that the sooner you get it done the easier it will be to correct it! GOOD LUCK!!
        Best Wishes,