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I'm so scared---can anyone help me?

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  • I'm so scared---can anyone help me?

    My name is Adge, and I just turned 15. I have scoliosis and kyphosis. I wore a brace for my scoliosis for 2 years, and my curves are about 40ish degrees. My kyphosis was never detected until it was too late. Its now over 80 degrees. My surgeon tells me I should count on having surgery soon. I am so scared, as is my family. I can't stop shaking. Nobody in my family knows what they do in surgery. My surgeon is unavailable at this time, and I can't ask him. I'm so scared. Can anyone help me. Please. Thank you.

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    I can help you! Im 15 too. I know how scary surgery is. If you would like to email me or click my names for the messengers you can. My email and MSN is
    Hope to hear from you soon


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      You'll be okay!!!!!

      Hey Age!
      I'm Lisa and I just turned 15 also! I had my surgery almost a year ago (in december) My e-mail is E-mail me with any questins you have cuz I'd be more than happy to answer them!!


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        Hey adge,
        I'm 15 almost 16. I had suregery about 2 1/2 years ago. in 01. Yeah, my degree was almost 40 when they found it and two months later it was in the 50s and growing fast. I was never scared and you shouldn't either. Everything will be fine. Hey email me if you want. - I'd will not mind answering any of your questions. But I have a question for you. What is kyposis ? I've never heard of it and I've heard of a lot of things. So I would love it if u would tell me. cya- Alleycat


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          Hi! My name is Amanda i am having surgery and have already talked to a specialist who says that chances of any thing bad happening are very slim. Once you talk to your physician youll feel so much better i did. Millions of people have had this surgery and i havent heard of anything going wrong during surgeryt. Do you have aim if so post your name mine is kiddomurphy.


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            don't worry--be happy!

            Hi Adge,

            My name's Lorna, and I'm 14 (soon to be 15, in about 3 months). I never had kyphosis, but I did have scoliosis. I had about a 63 degree curve, which the doctors immediatly said would have to be corrected by surgery. There isn't anything to be scared about! I had my surgery when I was in 5th grade, which was about 4 years ago. It might seem like it's going to be really scarry now, but once you go in for the actual surgery, you won't be as scared, I promise! If you have aim, my screen name is AngelWithAFlute. Feel free to talk to me anytime!

            --9 years old in January 2000
            --Had surgery to correct a 68 degree curve.
            --Surgery performed at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Done by Dr. Eric Wall.
            --curve decreaced to 28 degreese, with bracing for 6 months after surgery.
            --15 years old in 2004.