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    When some people find out they act totally normal other people act really wierd or gentle or try to avoid me. Why would they do that, i am the same person. Also this one girl who hates me found out through one of my friends and she thinks its wired she is also one of those gossipers so probably lik a bazillion people know. How do i stop her from doing that/ Help
    Wear Boston Brace, 18-23 hours a day. My curve is 38 without brace on top and 28 without brace on bottom. With my brace it is 28 on top and 13 on the bottom. I PRAY no surgary. I love volleyball and track. I hate not being able to find clothes to fit my brace!

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    is it at school? if it is i would talk to like a guidence counselor or a teacher or someone about mabie they can talk to her and get her to stop
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      there was this one girl who knew i was going to have surgery and she started telling people then people i didnt know were coming up to me asking me about it. i confronted the girl telling her it was none of her bussiness and to lay off and she did. she has scoliosis too, about a 15 degree curve, she makes a big deal about it. she thought it was 'so crazy' that we both had scoliosis. you just have to ignore annoying people like that or confront them about it.

      about people treating you like your fragile, i had that too. about 3 weeks ago, so like 2 1/2 months after my surgery, when i was finally feeling 100% again i went to a party at my friends house. there was a hammock and like 8 of us were on it. my one friend kept asking me are you okay? are you okay? everybody get off lindsay. but once i told everyone that i was fine and that i dont even hurt anymore, it was all good. i ended up having a great time after i assured my friend that im recovered.

      people that dont know about scoliosis can treat you like you are fragile and that they have to be careful around you. they hear the word surgery and they back off. you just have to assure them that your fine and you can do everything that they can. i think everyone who has scoliosis surgery goes through times like these.

      <3 Lindsay

      surgery date: June 19, 2006
      before: 45 degrees
      now: 12 degrees


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        When I first had to wear my brace to school my close friends acted totally normal toward it, but kids from my classes who I didn't know well who found out about my brace were too open about it, considering they did not know much about the subject. They definitely tried to gossip about it but couldn't say much since I barely told anyone anything about my brace. Eventually I had to ask this one girl to stop talking about it so openly because it wasn't any of her business. She started a rumor about me that my parents made me wear a brace for the reason that they thought my back was going to collapse because I was so thin (I have always been a naturally really skinny person so the rumor was almost believable..not really haha). I think it's better if you confront this girl who gossips about your brace. Maybe thank her for her concern but say you have everything under control and would appreciate it if she would stop talking about your brace. The key is to confront her with kindness: do not give her a reason to gossip more about you!


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          I have worn my brace for about a year now, and im sadly really not that open about it, i feel i should be,but its just me, anyways my friends i have told all treat me really normal they are sometimes allittle curius about it but i showed it to them and then it never really was mentioned again. To the other people, i dont really like them talking or gossiping about that fact that i have one, just liek you said, your still the same person on the inside, so i say "Look yes its true i wear a brace, i have scoliosis, so do so many other people in the world, maybe not as bad as me, but its a very comon problem, its no big deal that i wear a brace and I dont see why you care so much about it, It doesnt bother me it shouldnt bother you, so could you maybe stop talking about it like its a huge deal" Maybe not those words but along those lines, it really does work, and I understand what your going through. Good luck