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    hi, my 13 yr old son (25 right curve and 0 on the risser) will be wearing a charleston brace soon, how do they fit you for a brace? we were told he would have to wear it for a years, will he have to change braces as he grows or are these adjustable? what results has anyone had with one in terms of the curve getting better or worse? i saw a picture of one online...looks very uncomfortable.

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    I wore a Charleston brace for approx. 10 months. To fit (at least for me): first I put on 2 cotton (I think) body sock-like things and then on top of that, they put some sort of plaster (in strips, with hot water) on first my front, then on my back when the front had dried somewhat. then they pulled me into the curve that the brace would be in (to combat the spine's curve) so the brace could dry properly, and then cut the plaster off. (if you don't understand the description, I could try to explain it better...)

    at first, it was pretty uncomfortable. the first few nights I would only wear the brace for the bare minimum of hours that my doctor allowed (6) and I did not sleep very well at all... after about a week or two or three..., I got used to it and could leave it on all night and slept pretty well.

    The Charleston did not work for me - i had to "graduate" to a Boston after approx 10 months. ( I then wore the Boston for another 4 years, when I finally stopped growing).

    hope this helps,