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how long have you had your brace?

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  • how long have you had your brace?

    I thought it would be fun to see how long people have had there brace for?

    I've had mine since... age 5
    > Diagnosed at age 4
    > Braced at age 5
    > 35 degree curve somewhere, sounds funny but yes, I forget where...
    > Avid horseback rider

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    Did have.......9 years.....split into 7 and a bit years and about 2 years........For those years 23/24 hours a day, except for the last 6 months in the 7 and a bit years when I was only wearing it at night.

    Taking me out of the brace for those four years in between (I'd been in it since 15 months of age), was fantastic, and probably one of the best things my surgeon ever did. The curves were sitting ok, and it gave me a chance to be "normal" (not that wearing a brace wasn't normal lol), and that all my muscles got a chance to work again. As we knew, we were almost sitting duck on the merry-go-round and basically a not "if" for surgery, but a "when"

    Since your were five Plopony, whew a long time, it'd definetly be your second skin by now :-), bet your counting down the years until it comes off for the last time