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    Originally posted by LindseyDavis View Post
    I'm pretty new to the whole brace thing, I've had it for 1 and a half months and still cry every now and then at the thought of wearing it to school and giving up all my birthday clothes that will no longer fit w/ the boston brace! EEP! But, my dad found this so I can talk to all you galls and we can chat about the cutest ways to dress it and etc!

    although it stinks and I hate the smell of the fresh plastic, I know I'm blessed to have the great care so that when I'm older I'll still have a hot back and good posture! Looking back you'll know that the days didnt matter and that now you are the one with the good situation of a healthy back! When the goin gets though, the tough get goin'!!

    PS- have any style tips and any other kinds of tips plz tell me because I'm still new to it!
    Hello i am new to this site aswell but have worn a brace for about 2-3 months now .... i called mine Barry ... given yours a name yet??

    to dress it get some stretchy jeans and seamless vests will be your best friend trust me ... i am pretty sure primark still sell them!! dont worry about what people say at school as you may not even have to let them know......

    About crying at these times i did but music did save me from getting too sad!

    REMEMBER: no matter what people say or how annoying the brace is never be detured to not wear it as it is important to your health i hope this helped a little and good luck with school


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      I know that whereing a brace is hard, but yo have to deal with it. I went to the doctors not to long ago and had a 35 degree curve. They start talking surgery at a 40 degree curve!!!!!!! So now i'm wearing my brace for 6 hours a day. The doctor prefurs i wear it all day, but I cant. So I put it on at 7:00pm and take it off at 7:00am. I've goting use to it , trust me I have, but I still hate it.


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        I got a Boston brace when i was 14 ( im now 17), i had those same panics at the time, but i dont think it at all matters, when i first got mine and went to school people asked questions at first but if you just tell them straight and dont be embarresed about it, they wont care, if anything they will admire you for your courage and bravery. when people asked me what it was that i was wearing, i did just tell them i said its my brace, it keeps me straight. most of the people just went oh ok. a few wanted to know more, so i told them and they just ignored it. dont worry about it, and if they say anything differnt, just remember that your health is more important then anything, and then send them my way :P but seriously dont worry about it, if your not botherd they wont be
        - Amy Marie