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Will scoliosis affect my ability to have children?
According to a recent study, pregnancy and delivery are rarely affected by scoliosis. Pregnant women are no more prone to progression than non-pregnant women. Any adult, male or female, with an untreated major curvature may experience a progression after skeletal maturity. The tendency to develop idiopathic scoliosis is inherited, so children of a scoliotic parent may be at greater risk than the general population. Early detection and treatment, however, should prevent problems.
When I was younger my scoliosis didn't bother me, but it has recently become more painful. What should I do?
If you are in pain or suspect a possible progression of your scoliosis curvature, a professional opinion should be obtained.
I have enclosed all the particulars concerning my scoliosis condition. What do you think would be the best treatment for me?
As lay persons, we are not in the postion to give medical opinions. Each individual case of scoliosis, like fingerprints, is different. Your physician or orthopedic spine specialist is the person to consult.
I am preparing a science project on scoliosis and would like to recieve information. Can you send me x-rays and braces to illustrate my report?
We are pleased about interest in scoliosis and hope our material will be of assistance. You are in the position to educate many people around you and, of course, this is one of our goals. We do not have braces or x-rays available. Check the resources area of the site for further sources of information.
How can I get in touch others who are dealing with spinal curvatures
The Foundation maintains lists of support groups and pen pal services. Please call or write to request this information.
I lost my job and my insurance as a result of my scoliosis. Now I realize treatment is available for adults. Where can I find funds?
There may be funds available through Medicare or the Social Security Administration if you qualify. We are not aware of other help available.
Can the National Scoliosis help me with my medical expenses?
The National Scoliosis Foundation raises money for educational purposes and materials to assist postural screening programs in grades five through ten. We don't have funds availible for patient expenses. For information on free medical care for children 18 and under, call the Shriner's Hospital toll free at (800) 237-5055.
I have been told that there are college scholarships available for scoliosis patients. Whom do I contact for information?
The National Scoliosis Foundation does not have funds or knowledge about such scholarships.
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