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Thread: Shoulder Blade Pain

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    I'm also experiencing shoulder blade pain. I tend to use an exercise that my Yoga instructor taught me to relieve some of the pain. Also, when it gets really severe, I alternate ice and heat every 10 minutes for about one hour.
    I've also purchased a wireless headset for my phone at work as I was getting into the nasty habbit of holding the handset between my ear & shoulder-not good. My doctor advised me that this was another reason for the increased pain.
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    I too have the pain below my shoulder blade (right side). The only thing (and i mean only) that helps me is swimming. I am 28 and have seen alot of physios and chiropractors, each giving me various exercises. Best exercise for me is swimming, and lots of it, everyday! Not one of the medical professionals that I have seen over the years recommended this to me, it's something I thought I would try and it works! But as I sit at a desk 10 hours a day working, i do still get some pain. I can't do the crawl as I wouldn't swim straight! , but the breast stoke really works the shoulder blades and releases the pressure in the muscles. I also go into a hydrotherapy pool after a swim and stand under a jet of water, putting the jet on the area where i get pain. Again, this is very good!

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    I'm 18 now and last year de diagnosed me with scoliosis. It's not that bad (27/18), but it hurts. I feel it almost every day, it's between my right shoulder blade and my spine.
    When I'am breathing it hearts sometimes and when I'am following my sport classes I don't have enough breath.
    In the hospital they told me to do some exercises they gave me. After a year there is no difference. still have ups and downs.
    My mom things the curve is getting worse, but I now it is almost imposible because I'am not growing anymore.


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    It is never impossible! Don't let anyone tell you that!

    Best advice i can give is to swim, i get the same pain and that helps. Go to your doctor and ask to see a specialist, when you see him/her get as much information as you can about the type of scoliosis and find out what surgical procedures can be done. They may try to tell you that not much can be done, and just give you more exercises. Don't get down about this, it has happened to me for many years. Do research on the internet before you see the specialist so you have an idea as to what they are talking about, people on here are very helpful and have first hand knowledge of what you are going through.

    Where are you from?

    I am 28, and i really wish i had done something about my scoliosis when i was younger (was given bad advice). Having spoken to a few people on here, people alot older than me have had a surgery for scoliosis, so you are still young!

    Stay positive, and don't give up!
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