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Thread: good list of national scoiliosis specialists

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    good list of national scoiliosis specialists

    Here's a great national list of docs who specialize in scoliosis. Good luck to everyone out there!!!


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    Howard A King

    Howard A King in Boise Idaho is my daughter Allana's specialtist. I would highly recommend him to anyone, I feel like my daughter is in the best hands.

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    I agree, Dr King is really good. My Son's local doc is Buzz Showalter, and Dr King and Dr Shea have both worked with him on Sean's complicated issues. We did end up needing to go elsewhere for treatement (Dr Kit Song in Seattle) as Sean really needed more pulmo help than we can get here for peds in the Boise area.
    Heidi (mom to 3 boys, Sean is 9 and has LCDH, SBS, is TPN, O2, and Bipap dependent, has SVC stenosis/stent x4, severe malignant scoliosis fused twice from T1-L2, halo traction for 2 months, severe restrictive lung disease, a CVL and GT, Fundo x2, and is one of my heroes.)

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