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Thread: Disappointed now and still in pain

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    Disappointed now and still in pain

    WEll, my cancellation from Dr. Lenke's office fell through. I'm still on for July. I'm absolutely dying in pain. My evenings are spent on the heat pad when I'm not on the computer. AT least you all help me to be encouraged and keep my head up. I was really hoping for this cancellation, but evidentally just wasn't supposed to be. I guess I'm just supposed to be a July surgery... ugh! It hurts to breathe, I'm now having problems sleeping sometimes and sitting and standing too long are absolutely the worst. It even hurts to sniffle. I'm really hoping I don't catch a cold. I know my lung capacity is really compromised now because of this. If I happen to jar myself against like a door frame or something I'm wailing in pain! I can't wait for the day I look back and say, "remember when........."! I really appreciate all your encouragement here.

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    Hey Rita
    can anyone help with the pain til july....any meds, any injections, anything?

    i just had sacroiliac injections in nyc yesterday.... hoping they kick in soon...developed this new sciatica afterwards for a day, but it is gone now, thank goodness! he skipped the facet block, thought it was too much all at once to tolerate.


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