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Thread: Update On Dairrien..21 days post op...

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    Update On Dairrien..21 days post op...

    So Dairrien had his original spinal fusion surgery for a 92 degree kyphosis curve,the surgery was performed at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento..He then had to go back in because they didnt ave the drain all the way in and it came out 3 days post he went back into surgery 4 days after his original surgery..

    I am severly disappointed with the care he recieved there at Shriners...the nurses were completly rude..there were a cuple that were nice...There were quite a few times I had to argue to get his pain meds..They WILL NOT come in on a regular basis...they will give you pain meds when YOU ask for I wound up setting my alarm on my cell phone,and going and asking for his mes..if I didnt dairrien would wake in so much pain ...that he would cry and scream for hours until the meds kicked I wound up not leaving and when I did go take a shower or eat it would be after I got Dare his meds,and I would make sure I was back in time for him to get his other sceduled that was a whole heep of!!

    Ok so last week dairrien was running out of his percacet..and I called them..She said no problem,we will mail him out a script because you have to have it in order to get it,as it cannot be called in in the mean time they call in norco,which makes him dizzy and sick to his stomach..but since thats all we had he had to take today I get what I thought was a good script...I take it to the pharmacy and they say ooooo we cant fill it on this we need a regular script..the script they gave me was a white peice of pape that said shriners on it,and the meds on it so I get on the phoen to shriners and she tells me well,your going to have to come pick this up..i said HELLO I live 2 and half hours away..I cant.. can you please just MAIL another script and make sure its right this time..she said oh sorry we cant mail it,I will have the doctor call you,GRRRR !! So in the mean time,Dairrien is in pain and needs his percacet,so I take the script over top his Primary car doctor and said,look what they did..He was in shock of what they did,and the care he recieved...So he wrote him a script...

    OK,Dairrien was released 1 week ago sunday,They NEVER called to see how he was doing...,they never called to set up his follow up either...which they stated they would do....So...this has not been a nice time..

    However,dairriens back is straight Thats the possitive..he is still in alot of pain though Can't do much...lays in bed or in the recliner most of the time..

    anyways so thats our update,more of a rant attached a picture of before and after....


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    Oh Misty, I'm so sorry for your horrible experience with Shriner's. You and Dairrien should never have been treated like that! Did you ever mention any of this to the surgeon? Have you thought of writing a letter to make sure the hospital is aware of how its nurses are treating people?

    Didn't you go home with a script or at least a refill on a script for pain meds? First of all, I can't believe they mailed a "script". Why didn't they fax it to the pharmacy? I will restrain from going on anymore about the way you were treated, because it would take up the entire forum.

    You need to get Dairrien moving! Walking is one of the best things for him to do right now. Laying around all day will only cause him to get stiff which may be contributing to his pain. Take him outside if possible. It will give both of you a change of scenery and the fresh air will be good for him. Get him walking for short distances several times per hour. It should help.

    Keep thinking positive thoughts. Remember to take care of yourself.

    Mary Lou
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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    I'm proud of you!

    Hi Darrien's Mom,

    I applaud you for staying with your son through that horrific experience.

    I applaud that you went to your primary care dr and got darrien the percocet he needed for pain relief.

    WOW! You have been through a ton in the past 3 weeks. PLEASE! PLEASE on behalf of the future patients who use that Shriner's hospital write a letter detailing what happened and send it to the hospital director as well as their legal department. I hope you have the names of everyone you dealt with because they need to be identified.

    For the rest of us, percocet, oxycontin and vicodin are all Class 3 drugs. They can ONLY be filled by a written prescription on the drs prescription pad submitted to the pharmacist within 3 days of it being written with NO refills allowed. They CANNOT be filled over the phone with phone calls between the dr and the pharmacist. These are FDA rules to prevent selling of these drugs on the street.

    Also, when you pick up the drugs, if the counter person doesn't recognize you as being related to the patient they can ask to see the patient's ID. I say that because I know some of you are having surgery in the near future and have no family to assist you. The counter person can refuse to give your friends these drugs without ID resulting in a trip back to your house to get the ID and then back to the pharmacist. You might want to call your pharmacy and ask what their procedure is before you are out of drugs so you can save your helpers time and aggrivation.

    I learned all this the hard way with my Mom. She was on Vicodin and Oxycontin for years with her spinal stenosis and sciatica.
    Thoroughly disgusted with people in this group

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    Dairriens Experience

    MY Lord!! I am so sorry for you and Dairriens experience! I was so concerned for the two of you.. I called you - It is so beyond me what happened to you! you definately have to write Shriners... you have to write the Surgeon and the HEAD of the Hospital.. you cannot let this go unchecked. Which Shriners did you go to... We had the opportunity to use them for Skye's surgery (Erie, PA) (they are the ones that gave us her Spincor brace 6 years ago. ) We opted not too because we just didnt feel to do so... (I like to call it Spirit led ) but I would not like to fault All Shriners for your experience... would sure like to hear from others that used them...People need to be made aware!

    I was just about to say go to your Primary right away they will give you the script. So glad to see you did.

    Now that it over - I truly wish you all the best in his recovery process
    Hugs!!! Karen

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    Thanks everyone....Ihave not been able to talk to the surgeon since we left..she was not even the one who came and discharged him...we seen her a total of 3 times when dairrien was in the Hospital in a 2 week period..most of the time I seen this VERY RUDE and PPOMPAS resident..who talked down to me,and wouldnt allow me to ask questions...I would ask,ok so whats the plan? how much longer is our stay .. "OH We'LL See" Thats it!!!!

    So on top of the rude nurses we had to deal with this resident...

    This is what made me the maddest...

    ON Friday,before dairriens release..The surgeon came in and said..I will be gone this weekend,but not unreachable you can have them page me at anytime,if you have any questions..I said ok thats great!!! She said if Dairriens Drain slows down to 30cc's in a 8 hour period than you guys can go home..Remember Dairrien had a second OP,to replace his drain and to irragate and drain blood and fluid out of his back...
    So saturday morning comes ..They checked it at the 12 hour shift mark and his output was 20 cc's..I was like YAY we can go home..

    The resident came in and said NO he cant go yet,so I bit my tongue and was like..Ok...Sunday came,and that morning was 20cc's..This was in a 12 hour shift..His surgeon stated that he could go if it were under 30cc's in a 8 hour shift he could go..Ok lets do the math...20 cc's in an 12 hour period is under the 30cc mark right?

    So the resident comes in ...Nope he cant go yet...I was like WHAT?????

    but the surgeon said this and your saying this..and he just walks out...

    So I am sitting there stewing in anger,finally around noon I go to the nurses station and said Page the surgeon NOW!!!!!

    They did,twice..and she never called back

    So that same stinken resident gets on the phone with me and starts yelling saying this is how it is..


    An hour later Dairrien was released from the Hospital No call from the Surgeon..Nothing !!! We have been home a week and a half..They never called to make his check up appointment like they said they would,and no one has even called to see how he was doing???

    Dairrien has been a patient of Shriners since he was 3 yrs old..and this is the first time I have ever delt with anything like this...someone called after Dairriens surgeries before...The surgeon was there to answer any questions...I am just in awe with this whole experience..

    As for walking..we live in Redding ca. and are getting pounded with storms after no walking outside..He does get up and walk around the house...He is sleeping alot yes...but he gets up showers,walks around..gets up stretches his I make sure he gets up..but he does nap a bit during the day...I home school,so yesterday he just started in on work..taking it little by little

    I am going to write a letter to shriners..about everything that happened while we were there...And whats said is..I made a few friends while at the hospital and they were getting treated the same way!!!!

    Thanks everyone who is taking the time to listen to me rant!!!!

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    I am so sorry that you had such a horrendous experience. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you both ((((((((((((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))))))))
    Gina and Mandy
    "With God All Things Are Possible"
    Mom to Mandy,age 11, surgery on Jan 14,2010
    to correct 51 degree T and 63 degree L curvatures.

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    I am *so* sorry for your experience. Hoping that things are going better now.

    But you also make a very good case why one parent/personal caregiver should be with their child at all times.

    We had good care at Georgetown, but dd still needed someone there to advocate or take care of her (toileting, etc.) b/c the nurses couldn't always come immediately.

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    I would also say "Walk, walk, walk!" Get that circulation going and those lungs working more!

    If it's too cold where you live to be able to walk outside, see if you can't get an inexpensive treadmill. We got one from which is "self-propelled"--no extras.

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    I am so sorry you went through that awful hospital experience at Shriners. It's good that you're writing a letter to the administration because no one should be treated that way.

    Dairrien's back looks great though - from the pictures you posted! I really hope that he's on the road to full recovery and won't need the meds much soon. I second the need to get him walking as much as possible. It really helped my son's pain and after about 2.5 weeks, he was off all narcotics. He then only needed a little tylenol and would take a walk to lessen most pain that was still happening. Even if he can't walk outside much, try to get him walking the equivalent of at least a few blocks as many times a day as you can (maybe at an indoor mall or track?).

    You sound like a great mom and advocate for him.

    Mother of Alexander & Zachary:
    Alex is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has congenital scoliosis due to a hemivertebrae at T10. Wore a TLSO brace for 3 1/2 years. Pre-op curves were T45 & L65; curves post-op are approx. T31 & L34. Had a posterior spinal fusion from T8 to L3 on 7/12/07 at age 12. Doing great now in so many ways, but still working on improving posture.
    Zach is 13 years old and very energetic.

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