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Thread: loss of insurance

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    loss of insurance

    My 15 year old son was diagnosed recently with scoliosis. 43, 41.5 and 19 degree curves. Our insurance presently covers all expenses. His Dr is talking surgery but wants to hold off because he has a lot of growing to do. The problem is that my husband was recently laid off and we will no longer have his insurance after December 2010. I can get insurance through my employer but it's not nearly as good a coverage as what we presently have. I'm not even sure how that would work if we need to switch companies right in the middle of teatment. Has anyone been in this situation? Our next appt is Feb 3.

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    Switch insurance

    You can continue paying into your husband's insurance policy for 6 months after his termination (COBRA). Keep in mind that his employer was paying part of this benefit, but now you will have to pay the full amount.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that if you are uninsured for even a few days, then you will not be able to get benefits for at least a year under the new policy. Everything, will be considered to be pre-existing. Switching companies usually doesn't carry this penalty as long as there is NO gap in the coverage. You can either switch, or use COBRA--depending on which costs you less. When your husband gets a new job, you can decide which is the better insurance and switch again.


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    Hi Natesmom,

    We did switch insurance a couple months after my daughter was diagnosed. My husband had left his job, our COBRA was up, and he had started his own business. The insurance was obtained for the employees of the small business (my husband and his partner), with us as dependents. We were VERY worried that he would be denied insurance or charged huge rates because of the scoliosis diagnosis which of course we disclosed but to our surprise we were quoted a reasonable rate and have not had a problem since even with all the bills which, with her custom brace, are not insubstantial. It's best to start shopping around early...

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    I'd encourage you to check into Shriners. They are known for scoliosis treatment, and provide care at no cost to families, until kids reach the age of 18.


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    Thanks for the input. We can keep the present insurance but at a substantial cost. The insurance is part of a union and he can keep it as long as he's an active member. He needs so many work hours for the coverage to be paid by the union. The premiums would be less if we switched to my employer's insurance, but I was really concerned about the pre-existing condition. I'll look more into the costs v. benefits. I didn't realize Shriner's offered free care. I've seen their name a lot on this site. I hate the thought of changing providors in the midst of treatment but it's good to know that it could be an option if it comes down to it.

    Thanks again for thoughts.

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