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Thread: Problems With Brace And Clothes! Read This!!!!

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    Cool Problems With Brace And Clothes! Read This!!!!

    I wear a boston brace. It does really take a wear on your clothes. Any Problems Answer Back!!!!

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    Hey Rosebud,
    I know - Milwaukee braces for sure cause a lot of wear on clothes. I don't know about the Boston brace particularly, but from my Milwaukee brace days I constantly had to buy little bigger jeans and shirts because of my brace. Then, the plastic on the brace made little white lines on the jeans when I sat down and it became tighter. But, we do what we have to and just move on I guess. The brace really is a good thing - I can't stress that enough. I'm sorry it's "such a pain" for you, I know. But, please stick with it. If it keeps you from having to have surgery, it will be well worth it. Believe me.

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    Hi Rosebud,

    Please know that all are welcome on this forum, but have you checked out the Spinekids website? It is a forum very similar to this one, but on that site it is mostly kids/teens posting whereas this one is mostly adults posting. You'll find a few kids posting on NSF, but not many.

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    Hi Rosebud9,

    Some kids wear a camisole over their brace to help protect their clothes from the brace.

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    wears on us too, wore out sweat pants and jeans.

    I tried to make sure no rough edges are on it. And a T-shirt over it. A special car chair sport to avoid wear on the car upholstery
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