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Thread: Scoliosis & Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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    fortunatelly my sons haven't ammalgams with mercury and are not used any more, only by some few dentists.. the problem is that other other kind of amalgams seems to be safe but ineffective
    In the UK, dental amalgam is still the only one used by our medical profession and if you want a different kind you have to go to a private dentist and they are very expensive. I have ones now which are resin or porcelain. The porcelain ones were made in California. I've had them now for 18 months and I still eat hard toffee etc. but am careful not to put too much pressure on them.

    I'm glad your son doesn't have amalgam. My children do because that's all that was available and I didn't know about the dangers then. Unfortunately, my son, who is 19, recently had a medical for the army and they picked up mild scoliosis so he is clearly affected too. Because he is still apparently healthy in all other ways, he isn't bothered by it but I can't help worrying about what will happen to him in later years. Apart from the scoliosis, I was healthy too when I was his age.

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    I believe that amalgams of resin are bad.. a dentist said me that filtrations are inevitable, something that have not happened with those with mercury.. I believe that mercury in vaccines is even worst. Surely those of porcelain are the best and safe.

    Sorry for the scoliosis of your son, but surely is dificult that could progress now so much, fortunately is not a seems that hormone differences makes the disadvantage for women.
    Anyway I believe that trying to keep good health is very important, so I'm looking for the best nutrition diet and detoxing methods, the best way to manage emotions, for doing activities, exercises.. nothing simple to find.

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