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Thread: Update: 1st post-op appt.

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    Update: 1st post-op appt.

    I had my first post-op appt. yesterday at 4 weeks after surgery with my surgeon's PA. He seemed to think that I was doing well, which was good to hear! I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't get x-rays taken, but he said I wouldn't have that done until my 3 month appt. I was able to see my "after" x-rays that were taken two days after surgery, but I think I would feel better knowing that everything was still in place and where it should be!

    I was also cleared to ride in vehicles and get outside the house, woohoo! I have been experiencing some major cabin fever the past few days, being stuck at home by myself every day. Unfortunately, he did not clear me to drive since I am still on narcotic pain medication :-( I am taking Percocet - 1 1/2 tabs every 4 hours. I don't really feel like they affect me much, other than taking away most of the pain...I assume the no driving on pain meds is mostly for liability reasons???

    I have been walking outside as long as the weather is nice, about 2 blocks round trip, 2x each day. At my appointment I was told that basically, I should be walking as much as I feel able without overdoing it...sometimes this is hard to judge, though.

    Most of my pain comes from my left side, especially the muscles around my (anterior) incision, and where the rib was removed. I actually have a small lump on my back, where you can feel what is left of the rib that was removed...and then where the ribs should be it is soft & very tender. I also have what I would call weird nerve pains, kind of like shocks or electricity.

    Anyways, I know there are others out there who had surgery around the same time as me so I just thought I would let you all know how the recovery was going!

    Hope all is well with you all!

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    I am 8 weeks postop and I still have discomfort on the side where my rib was removed and my incision is. I started PT at 6 weeks and she gently strteches my hamstrings and my arm above my incision which feels great. I feel less tight. I also have tenderness around my hipbone and some numbness still. This is all normal, my PT says.

    Walking does help. I try to do that 2 times a day. At 4 weeks I was taking exactly the percocet dosage you are and told I couldn't drive due to liability. I didn't feel it helped a whole lot, but it took the edge off. At about 6 weeks, I was able to go down to 3 pills a day and I started driving if it was 5 hours after a pill. Suddenly, I am down to a pill before I sleep (just so discomfort doesn't wake me up) and I take 1/2 a pill midday if I feel like I'm tightening up.

    You sound like you are doing great. I got a little frustrated b/n 4-6 weeks cuz I felt like I had progressed but eveything had kind of hit a stop. At 7 weeks I seem to have turned a corner.

    Keep doing what you're doing and don't over do!
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    You both seem to be having a great recovery, just don't get too confident yet!!~

    It takes time to heal, no matter how good you may feel!!! I am in no way being negative in regards to your recovery.

    Just give yourself time to heal, no matter how good you feel! It's so easy to feel comfortable, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are ready!!!

    Listen to your body and don't be too eager, no matter how hard it is!!!!

    Heal first,

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