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Thread: So much pain...what else to try?

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    So much pain...what else to try?

    Hi Everyone,

    It's been a while since I have posted...those of you who can hardly bear to reach for the computer mouse know why!! Here's my story if you don't remember me: I had my rods removed about 6 months ago to try to get rid of the unbearable stabbing/burning upper right thoracic area pain. Nine months later and I have had no improvement. I am 27 and may have to quit my teaching job if I cannot reduce this unrelenting chronic pain. My surgeon mentioned prolotherapy and I have been researching it. It is a lot of injections (like 100 at a time) of sugar-water that apparently promote the body to repair tendons/ligaments that are weak and not functioning properly. I am seriously considering it since I have tried everything else over the last 2-3 years to stop this pain...2 surgeries to put rods in and take them out have not gotten rid of the pain. Anyone know anything about prolotherapy or have any thoughts? I would really appreciate any help or other ideas to get rid of this gnawing pain that goes from the back upper spine and often appears as cramps under the right FRONT ribcage as well.

    Sincerely and with hope.
    Scolimich in Michigan

    Fused T4-L2 1998 (lumbar 40 thoracic 40)
    Rod removal 2008

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    Sorry, I don't have any ideas but you're in good company here with pain mgmt. I'm sure many would have ideas. Take good care.

    Always Smilin'

    1982 fused T2-L1
    pre op 45 - post op 33 (left thoracic)
    pre op 53 - post op 18 (right thoracic)

    recheck 2006
    right thoracic 57
    lower lumbar 34

    surgical revision April 28,2009
    revision T3-L1; new fusion L1-L4
    unsure of degrees at this point

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    I can feel your pain because I also have daily pain. Now I had my first surgery for scoliosis when I was 14 in 1969 and I basically didn't have any really bad pain until around age 40. I had my second surgery when I was 51 (3 years ago) and was fused all the way down to my sacral. The doctor was hoping this would help with my sciatica like pain. But it didn't work. I have even more pain now (low back and rib pain) plus physical limitations since I no longer can bend. I am close to 54 now and I am looking for alternatives also. I will not have any rods removed for fear of curvature increase and becoming off-balance, etc. I think you are too young to be having such problems.

    Here is some info I googled about Prolotherapy. (I am going to look for a doctor that does this and try it too. Couldn't hurt- I have tried everything else).

    Prolotherapy is an alternative treatment for weakened or injured ligaments and tendons. Ligaments are strong tissues that connect bones to bones. They do not have an excellent blood supply, but they have many nerves that can cause pain, if injured. Tendons are strong tissues that hold muscles to bone. Tendons and ligaments that are weak or injured sometimes do not heal back to their full strength.

    Prolotherapy involves injecting a joint capsule, tendon, or ligament with an irritant solution. The solution causes a localized inflammation, which results in an increase in blood supply to the area. The increased blood supply stimulates cell growth and tissue repair. Prolotherapy treatment may promote tendon and ligament healing, pain relief, and function.

    Your doctor can administer Prolotherapy treatments in his or her office. Your doctor will inject your affected areas. People typically require several treatments. Prolotherapy is considered an experimental treatment in the United States.

    Good Luck.

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    Hi and thanks for your messages and thoughts. I am considering doing this prolotherapy but my surgeon (who took the rods out) and my physical therapist are at odds about me having it done. My next step is to have them talk to each other and then try to understand why they are saying what they are saying. It's hard to know who to believe or go with. I am going to try electrical stimulation therapy this week on my surgeon's EPS 8000 machine so we'll see how that goes.

    By the way DailyPain: I am looking into the doctor in Chicago by the name of Ross Hauser. He learned from the docs who started the prolotherapy in the 40's. I got his book online and am seriously considering.

    Take care.

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    There is an extensive article on specialized physical therapy for post-operative patients at:

    Click on the US/UK flags, then in the left margin click on "What can patients do? (following surgery....)"

    There's an introduction and you can download a 10-page PDF written by the retired director of a German scoliosis clinic. Very often correcting your posture will reduce or eliminate the pain, unless of course it's due to factors unrelated to posture, directly or indirectly. See also my post at:

    Good luck!

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