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Thread: rib concavity deformity

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    rib concavity deformity

    I understand that the rib hump deformity can be corrected/partially corrected with surgery. I was wondering about the concave side? I forgot to talk to my physician at my consult with him about this. But not only do I have a pronounced rib hump deformity, but on the other side, my ribs are sunk-in quite a bit. Will these ribs eventually move back out, even a little?

    I'm wondering now that if I decide to have the surgery, and I definitely want to have my rib hump addressed, then what about the other side? I will still look "deformed" if those ribs are concave.
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    The surgeon twists the spine to get it back where it belongs. The rotating moves the hump in and the concave side out at the same time. I had a bad hump on one side, and a huge fold on the other. Now both sides of my waist have the same shape. Here's a link to a computer animation so you can see how they mainpulate the spine and rotate it. It's computer, so no blood or gore.

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