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Thread: A Scoliometer in Your Pocket

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    A Scoliometer in Your Pocket

    iPhone app

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    We were talking about that on Spine Kids, it's soooooo cool! Too bad, I don't have an itouch.

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    That's very interesting, thanks Linda! I borrowed my boyfriend's iPhone and we downloaded this app and had a play with it.

    I've had my spine fused from T1-L4 for years so it's not possible to do the Adams test properly, and I have had two costoplasties to lessen my rib hump anyway, but I was still curious as to what my Scoliometer reading would be (it came out as 19 degrees). I'm seeing my consultant this afternoon and will ask him to check it against a real Scoliometer so we can see how accurate this is - it could be a very handy tool for parents to monitor their kids with
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    Thanks for the tip! The app. works - doesn't have a notch for the spinous processes like the scoliometer sold through NSF so you have to be careful. Still, amazing. Who thinks up this stuff?

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