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    my story

    My name is Kara I’m 17 years old. I’m having surgery on my back for scoliosis done by Dr Gupta at UC Davis medical center.

    I have had scoliosis for 5 years now. On the March 23, 2005 I had my first Dr. appt with my Scoliosis specialist. We check in at the nurse desk. A nurse called my name Kara. We got up we followed her to a room. Then a door opened it was a young orthopedic resident. He said Dr. Lerman is going to be late. He asked can I look at your right foot Kara. I got off the bed. He looked at my foot careful. The he gave me a gown to put on.Then he looked at my back and he had a special ruler call a scoliometer to see if I have a twist in my spine. He said to got to x-ray to have some x-rays done. We got my x-rays done really fast. When we came back from x-ray I saw my dad. We followed the same nurse to a different room. I saw the resident examine my x-rays that was odd.

    The resident came into the room he said before Dr. Lerman come to the room he went me to test your reflexes. After Dr. Lerman came in to the room and said Kara you have scoliosis at 43degrees. He went to get a example brace for scoliosis. Then he came back in to the room and said this is a Boston brace for scoliosis which will look like yours. He called the brace shop. On the way to the brace shop I started to cry because I don’t when to be in a brace again. But I was happy that my friend Sonny made my brace.

    On April 15, 2005, I started to wear the brace which was uncomfortable. On July 1, 2005, I had a ct myelogram done at UC Davis Medical Center. We are here at the Uc Davis Medical Center for my ct monogram. The nice lady at the front desk said please wait in the pediatric waiting room. Nurses called the patients names. Then a nurse called my name Kara. It was time to prepare for my Ct myelogram. I changed into hospital pajamas next in got on a bed with wheels. A Dr. from radiology came to the bed I was on. He filled out the papers for my spine doctor. Then he said see you in a little bit Kara.Then he and a nurse came and got me. We all started to go down hall for my Ct myelogram. Bye mom and Liz. The first room looked much like an x-ray room but it was not. They turn me on to my tummy. The nurse put the brown cold soap on my back. Then one of the radiologists put a tube of dye in my back. They had things made of lead on. They all looked at the screen. The nurse takes me to my last part of my Ct myelogram. She helped me on to the bed. Then I’m done with the Ct myelogram.

    On July 26, 2007, I was at a doctor appointment with Dr. Lerman. We check in at the nurse desk. Then on the way to x-ray I saw my spine Dr. in his lab coat for the first time. We are at x-ray for a x-ray of my scoliosis. We went back to the clinic for my Dr. appointment. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to a room I had my teddy bear. I held it tight. Then the door opened it was Dr. Lerman. He was not happy at all. He said Kara and Debra this might hard for you both the here. Kara your curve got to forty-eight degrees. Now you may need surgery on your back. My next appointment is on 8/5/08.

    on 8/5/08

    i had my appt at the same time.

    1st we went to x-ray. After we had my x-ray done went back to the clinic for my appt. Then a nurse called my name Kara.

    We followed her to a couple places.

    Then we came to a room.

    I was started to fall asleep.

    Then the door open it was Dr Lerman.

    He examed me he also showed up my x-ray.

    Which was the same as my last one. Then it was over. Today was worse for me. 1st we check in at the desk then we went to x-ray to have my newst x-ray.

    Then me and my dad went to get my step-mom from the car.

    Then me and my step mom went in to the hospital.

    Then my mom was chasing Addison.

    Then I start to fooling-around with little kid toys.

    Then a nurse called my name Kara

    she done all the same things as last time. We followed her to a room then a resident who was working with my spine dr. Then she ask questions about health.

    Then she forgot to give a gown. Then she remainder to give me one.

    Then I hear her and my spine dr talking.

    Then they both came in to talk with us about that my scoliosis worse it now at 53.

    Then my mom said something odd if Kara was your kid he said if she was my child I would go ahead and do it.

    He said to go back to x-ray and get a consent and the something at medical records.

    1st we to wait for a social worker.

    Then we when to x-ray to get a disk with my 3 x-rays on it for dr Gupta.

    Then we went to medical records to get my medical records for Gupta. Today is July 20 2009 I had my 1st appt with my new scoliosis dr from uc Davis and shriners. We 1st check in at the nurse desk. Then we went up stairs to have lunch. Then we went done stairs. A nurse called my name Kara. We followed her to get my temp and my weight. We then followed her to a room. The door opened it was some one working with my new scoliosis dr. My new dr wanted him to a exam on me. Well he was doing that we talked he ask how are? I’m 17 years old. What grade are you in? when school starts 12 grade. Then he started to get back on to topic. He saw my foot was also mess he ask if he can exam my spine. He exam my spine.

    Then he went to track done a reflex hammer. But then he said I’m not having luck. Then he went to get dr Gupta. Both of them came in to the room. He said I’m not having luck. Then he went to get dr Gupta. Both of them came in to the room. He incuse him. He had a reflex hammer and tested them. Then Dr Gupta ask how are? I’m 17 years old. What grade are you in? when school starts 12 grade. Then he got back to the subject my scoliosis. He notice my foot has a rare disorder he ask if they done surgery on my foot my mom said no. Then he exam my Spine. He said bend over so I can exam you spine. He said Kara bend over even more. I did bend over more. He said please stand up. We do the surgery what time of the year good for you mom said during the summer time.

    When do you turn 18 Kara? In February.

    What let me see when there scheduling surgeries.

    There scheduling surgeries hear in February. I guess well do it at uc Davis medical center on march 19 2010
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    Welcome and thx for posting. You will be in good hands. Since you are young, they should get you straight as an arrow.

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