I know I haven't been on here in ages!
I have been really busy lately.
I wanted to check in with an update.
About a month ago I kept blowing my nose and coughing and we thought it was just a cold or allergy. Then a few days later I got a fever of 103.5 degrees Farenheit. My Mom took me to our family doctor and wanted me to also discuss my back and neurological symptoms. My doctor said I had Walking Pneumonia and prescribed me antibiotics (I'm better now). We also discussed my neurological issues and back. My doctor said he was going to do some reading on Scoliosis and got me in for an EEG. I had the EEG a few days ago and we are waiting for the results, the guy there said he thinks everything is normal. My doctor said he never heard Spinecor but was going to do some reading on it and Scoliosis. He's a really, really good doctor!
My Mom agreed with me the Ortho I recently saw in April wasn't very helpful. We are looking into Spinecor, we're still discussing it. I'm not sure what's the best choice, Spinecor, or no Spinecor. I think sometimes I'll be fine, but other times the pain, and stiffness is problamatic, and I have been noticing how out of whack my skeletal structure is. I am sort of in the middle, it's not a little thing to look over, yet not severe or anything like that.
I think I also have Kyhposis, I never had a side x-ray and should probably discuss with my doctor having one done to rule it out. I don't have the best posture and am sort of hunched over. My parents always tell me to sit up straight but it's really hard and I can't hold it for long.
I have been doing my stretches and exercises from Physical Therapy and swimming to help my back.
I'm not really sure what will happen next.