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Thread: legs length discrepancy

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    legs length discrepancy


    My daughter Gaby has now about 3 cm length discrepancy in her legs. She is 8 year old and 110 cm tall.

    She must need a new spinal surgery in a timeframe of one year.

    Some doctors told us one way to reduce the legs length discrepancy is a surgery for temporary stop the growing of the longer leg. Some other doctors told us that with a surgery and external device is possible to make grow enough the short leg.

    The second surgery looks more complicated for us but our daughter is so short that we do not wish to cause her to loose even one cm.

    Have any of you to deal with such a situation?



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    My daughter has a leg length discrepancy of 1.5 - 2cm. It is the leg, not her spine or something else causing the uneveness. She has scoliosis as well...she is 15. We are choosing to wear a lifted shoe. Possible infection (she also has had previous scoli surgery) and time in healing made us move away from the lengthening surgery. While not wanting to have her lose any of her height we also have been told that she could possibly grow until 18 or so in the legs. We put any treatment on hold until later for this situation just in case the legs continues to grow. Best of luck

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    Get her a shoe lift! I had one and it made a huge difference!
    My 2nd doctor wanted to close one of my growth plates, wait until the other caught up and closed the other one off leaving me at 5 feet 1 inch tall.
    As I finished growing I evened out and we ended up not needing surgery. Mine was smaller than hers though, but yes I do recommend the shoe wedge,s torngly recommend it!
    I hope she is doing well

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