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    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone help?? Here is my story: I had my rods removed about 6 months ago to try to get rid of the unbearable stabbing/burning upper right shoulder blade/thoracic area. Six months later and I have had no improvement. I am 27 and may have to quit my teaching job if I cannot reduce this unrelenting chronic pain. My surgeon mentioned prolotherapy and I have been researching it. It is a lot of injections (like 100 at a time) of sugar-water that apparently promotes the body to repair tendons/ligaments that are weak and not functioning properly. I am seriously considering it since I have tried everything else over the last 2-3 years to stop this pain. Anyone know anything about prolotherapy or have any thoughts. I would really appreciate any help.

    Sincerely and with hope.
    Scolimich in Michigan

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    Hi there:

    Here's my experience. I've had two patients that had a hyper-mobile sacroiliac joint. These joints needs to be very stable to allow proper load transfer from the trunk through the pelvis. So they had pelvic and back pain due to the problem.

    Both underwent prolotherapy, which causes a reaction in the tissues to help produce scar tissue that is supposed to stiffen the loose area.

    One person felt the outcome was "good", the other felt "somewhat better"; he also was a large heavy man, so that might have had something to do with his lower degree of success.

    If you go ahead and do it, I'd recommend also doing a good strength program to make the muscles around the hypermobile area work. This likley would involve static excercises, as the goal is to stabilize, not to move those lose joints more.

    Good luck!


    There's an MD in my province that does prolotherapy, and if you go to this site and click on the document download, there's some info there on a post polio patient with back pain (she appears to have scoliosis in the picture) who had it done.
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    Where in Michigan do you live?

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    I live in upper michigan...but I am willing to travel anywhere...whatever it takes to get out of this pain or at least reduce it. you know of someone who knows/does prolotherapy??


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    Thing which helped: Initially, a pain specialist, then I did-still do- Pilates and had some sessions with Rolfing/Structural integration. My shoulder blade, where I had the hump reduction, pained me a long time. It seldom bothersome now. Also, proper use of a TENS machine AKA "Alpha Stim" is excellent.
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    I'm not sure if they can help you because I don't exactly know what's going on. You would have to call them and discuss your case, but I wanted to recommend it
    Laser Spine Institute
    That's really sad! I don't want you to have to give up your job because of your pain! I feel really bad for you, really, really bad! I hope things get better. Keep us posted

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    I had prolotherapy several years ago for my left SI joint and ended up having it in quite a few places. My ligaments tend to be more lax than normal. It definitely helped me, and I had tried everything. I would be happy to talk to you more about it if you have specific questions, feel free to pm me.

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    I know a physiatrist in Ann Arbor, MI at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital who does S.I. and shoulder prolotherapy injections for sure. I don't know about other joints. He's one of my favorites. His name is Paul Shapiro. He's an interesting guy - an M.D., but because he did his medical training at Michigan State University which also has a D.O. school (and shares some professors, I think), he has the eye of an osteopath. He sees those subtle 'malalignments', areas of hypermobility, etc., that some others seem to be clueless about. Office: 734-712-0050 if you want to ask his office your questions.

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