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Thread: Spinecor Brace???

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    Question Spinecor Brace???

    I have been looking into Spinecor and am considering trying it. I have two curves that are at least 10 degrees Mid thoratic and 20 degrees Lumbar, I think they worsen thoughout the day. I also have a tilt in my skeleton, one shoulder is higher than the other it is pretty noticeable. My doctor said I have all my major growth spurts behind me. I have been to 3 different doctors throughout a span of 5 years. My most recent said not to worry since I'm done growing they are stable and only to brace if they get to be 40 degrees, and to just do PT and core exercises.
    Yet I still have them, they are painful and they feel like they are higher than what he said. They do get worse throughout the day I have also experienced neurological symptoms. The 2 spinecor doctors Dr. Duetchman and Dr. Lamantia believe in treating curves early, the curves affect your nervous system and muscles and in my case flexibility also. Plus after all these years of my curves pushing on me it could get worse and came back to haunt me when I'm like 70.
    I have been thinking about trying Spinecor, any opinions or advice. Oh and what would be the best way to explain Spinecor to my parents, and could I see a doctor near where I live? any advice would be great

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    its ok

    hey dont worry you have professionals helping you and they know best.
    and talk to your parents about all of this ok... love cheergrl

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    I am currently in the process of receiving my SpineCor brace and I have a thoracic curvature of 28 degrees. Although many doctors are taught that scoliosis does not cause pain in the patient, and pain is a sign that something else may be wrong, that is not always the case. I have been through all the tests possible to determine why I have pain throughout the day and night, and all tests came up clean.

    SpineCor has been studying the effectiveness of the SpineCor brace on adults since the early 2000s. It has shown effective in pain management "Initial results from the first 26 patients fitting the inclusion criteria at twelve months follow up demonstrated significant reduction in their numerical pain score. 90% of patients achieved and maintained a mean pain reduction of 70%. In addition, patient's achieved reduction of 4.41 degrees raging from 12 degrees to +3 degrees. There was no statistically significant correlation between Cobb angle and reduction and pain intensity. (Taken from a SpineCor brochure given during the training and certification of orthopedic doctors)

    With that being said, take a look at the SpineCor website to find a certified SpineCor fitter in your area and talk to your parents. Be advised that if you do not have insurance that will pay for the brace or most of it, it can run you up to $3500. Personally, money is not an issue if my child was in pain, but especially now days, it can be difficult to come up with. I'm sure your parents will be supportive. If not at first, you can still book an appointment to be assessed in order to determine if you are within the criteria to receive a SpineCor brace.

    Good Luck!

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    Thumbs up

    My daughter switched from the Boston brace to the Spinecor brace last year. We saw an immediate correction in her curve. We have check-ups every 3 months (the next one is Saturday) and we have seen consistent improvement each visit on both her upper and lower curve, and rib displacement.

    It is easier to find clothes that fit over the Spinecor brace. It is less noticable to her fellow students and it is a lot cooler to wear in the summer. She also has more freedom of movement.

    We totally recommend getting the Spinecor brace.

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    I wish I could get spinecor, but there's no developers anywhere around ):
    I looked on their website. i think spinecor is a really great idea,
    but what your doctor says is best. you don't even need a brace now, so don't worry about it! Enjoy the time you have to be FREE (:

    Stephanie. Fifteen.
    Boston Braced Since March 26, 2009.
    2 thoracic curves: 28 and 22 degrees.
    1 lower lumbar curve: 14 degrees.

    One leg is longer than the other; pelvic tilt.
    Curves are reversing in my brace!
    Mother and sister with mild scoliosis,
    and treatment was not required.

    "I am uneven.
    2 Halves.
    1 body.
    A curve.
    So what?
    They lie.
    My spine.
    Do not.
    Match up.
    And outside.
    I am uneven."

    written by me. on May 7, 2008.

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    My mom said I'm not allowed to tell people where I live.


    Hi. I'm Haley and my mom was considering trying the SpineCor brace. After she read more about the brace, she told me it didn't work as good as others. My curves (at the time) were 30 degrees (top) and 19 degrees (bottom). Hopefully, you can try the brace and see if you see any improvement in your curves.



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    Stephanie- It has been hurting and bothering me and even though it most likely won't get worse now in my childhood years and later on in my adulthood years it could get worse when I get in my older adult years and I want to make sure that won't happen.
    Your curves are not too bad, I think they would be classified as Moderate. Too bad you don't have any providers. Maybe there will be some soon, more people are becoming certified and more centers are opening up.

    Haley- Spinecor was called "The Best Treatment for Scoliosis" in the 2007 journal of pediatrics. While it may nto be with all Scoliosis cases it works very well in Mild-Moderate curves which I have.

    Thanks everybody for your input, I really apperciate it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by S4Sarah View Post
    Haley- Spinecor was called "The Best Treatment for Scoliosis" in the 2007 journal of pediatrics.
    Can you provide a citation for this? I have searched the Journal of Pediatrics web site for this and can't find mention of it.

    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

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