Hi everyone, I have been a semi-lurker here for many years but this is my first post.

My daughter was just diagnosed with an S curve -- double curve (30 on top and 18 on bottom and some kyphosis). She has a Risser of 0 at age 14 and is premenstrual. My sister had the surgery about 30 years ago for a 60+ curve and my niece wore the Boston brace for several years also, so we have this in our family and I was somewhat prepared for this -- although you are never fully prepared.

My question is this -- I was watching a video of Shailene Woodley from Secret Life of an American Teenager and she shows her brace (she has an S curve). It appears to be made of a translucent hard plastic. Is that what is commonly used these days? The braces I recall from 30 years and say, 15 years ago, were much bulkier and padded. Thanks in advance for you input.