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As for her reaction -- I think it can be normal. I'm not sure they ever really get how big of a thing this is. Carolyn never thought it was that big of a deal and even though she's already had the surgery STILL doesn't think it was that big of a deal to go through.
My two daughters were talking about the surgery. I had brought up the issue of someone here asking what it feels like to have a straight spine.

Savannah said she was glad to have had surgery starting basically from when she woke up from surgery. Now I think she is talking from the perspective of the present where she was corrected from 58* down to 5*, almost completely derotated, and is pain-free. I also think she was relieved to get through it.

I also think it is possible she doesn't necessarily remember the pain in the hospital, especially in the first few days. Willow and I both saw her then and we were surprised she said she was glad by the very next day. I can well understand why she is very glad now though.

Willow thinks she still doesn't want the surgery. Of course her 36* - 40* curve is barely noticeable, has virtually no rotation, and she has zero pain... totally different from Savannah's case.

Savannah said she knows what having a crooked spine and straight spine feel like and cited that as another reason she was very glad to have the surgery. So it must be very different.