Hello I am a new member with Idiopathic scoliosis. I was diaganosed in 1972. Had Harrington surgery in 1991, and Harrington rods removed in 1999 because the right rod broke in half causing severe pain, abcesses, and small gangrine spots. Now almost 5 years after the rods were removed I live on Darvacets, Bextra and Valiums daily. Recently brown blotches have appeared on my thoracic area on the left and right side and my doctor does not know what they are and refused to send me to a specialist. I can't change doctors until October. I am in chronic pain, also have weakness, numbness, and tingaling sensation, in both of my arms. Can anyone suggest what I should do, aside from writing to the governer of the state of Michigan and explaining to her what I am going through? Anyone with any suggestions please email me. I'm hurting big time.