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Thread: x-rays and covering breasts/ovaries

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    x-rays and covering breasts/ovaries

    Can anyone please offer what they believe to be the proper protocol in covering a girl's breasts and ovaries during both in-brace and out of brace scoliosis x-rays?

    Yesterday, before getting an in-brace x-ray, I was thoroughly assured by the radiation department manager that my daughter's ovaries would be covered by a radiation shield (he said her breasts would not be able to be fully covered because of her curvature). This morning I looked at her x-rays, and noticed that the ovary shields are below her pelvis on her upper thigh area! I contacted the higher-ups at the hospital, and am waiting to hear back. I am beyond livid.

    If anyone knows what can and cannot be covered, please let me know. Also, for anyone who knows, would it be so difficult for radiation departments to create some sort of small lead circles that could be stuck on the appropriate areas? Especially for these kids who have to get repeated x-rays?

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    My surgeon has sent me for huge xrays and when I go the tech gives me this little thing that kinda reminds me of like an apron that waitresses wear to hold money around their waist. My guess was that is was to sheild my ovaries. Its important especially because with scoliosis we are being xrayed alot more then the average population. You should really ask about it next time you guys are there for one.

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    Hi bas2101 ... think this is a valid concern. I found two sources that may help get to the bottom of the issue.

    An FDA paper on Radiation Emitting Products:
    Reducing Patient Exposure During Scoliosis Radiography


    American College of Radiology.
    If you type scoliosis into their search feature .. several pdf files appear.

    Contact Info for American College of Radiology:
    Headquarters Office: 1891 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191, 703-648-8900
    Clinical Research Office: 1818 Market St., Suite 1600, Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215-574-3150
    Government Relations Office: 505 9th St., N.W., Suite 910, Washington, DC 20004, 202-223-1670

    I hope this helps and hopefully we have a radiologist in forum who can give us some further information on the subject.

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