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Thread: Adult scoliosis surgeon Florida - second opinion

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    Florida surgeon - adult scoliosis second opinion

    I am so happy to have found this forum. I have already seen a surgeon who specializes in scoliosis in South Florida - Miami, Dr. O'Brien. Dr. Shufflebarger no longer sees adult patients. I would like to see another surgeon who specializes in adult scoliosis surgery in Florida. I would like to think there is a surgeon with a great background (cv) in the Tampa/Jacksonville/Gainesville area connected with one of the larger hospitals. It would be difficult for me to have the surgery out of state, since my immediate family is here and would assist me in my recovery stages.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I may have more questions.

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    Check out Jacksonville Orthopedics....they do all the adult surgeries.

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    Thank GOD for you that Dr. Shufflebarger DOESN'T see adults any longer. It is unfortunate that children have to do so though.

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    I saw Nathan Lebwohl at the University of Miami a few years ago. He's highly regarded, heads the ortho dept, and is a developer with of one of the newest instrumentations used in scoliosis surgery. Unfortunately, he has taken a leave til Oct 2009.

    Anthony Moreno is at Moreno Spine & Scoliosis in Tampa and Palm Harbor and specializes in adult surgery and reconstruction. He was the one featured on the news, and the only surgeon (after countless worldwide refused) to treat a Russian girl with a 120 degree curve. See Tatiana's story and Dr Moreno at He's the one doing my surgery.

    Thoracic curve was 55 degrees, now 30
    Lumbar curve was 68 degrees, now 26
    Rib rotation was 17 degrees, now 0
    Degenerated discs and sacral arthritic spurs, plus significant spondylosis
    Fused 8/13/09 at age 43 from T-9 to pelvis with iliac screws anchoring hardware to the pelvis, plus osteomies by Drs. Anthony Moreno and Geoff Cronen, Tampa, FL

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    Dr. MacMillan at Shands in Gainesville

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